OTC Podcast 3/6: NFL Trade Madness, Lynch returns, Draft Spending, and Free Agency

In this weeks OTC Podcast:

-I give my thoughts on the Jets trade with the Bears (Yay Jets!)

-I quickly touch on David Harris new deal with the Jets (Boo Jets!)

– Who wins the Eagles and Bills trade plus Matt Cassel???

– Peyton Manning takes a pay cut

– Marshawn Lynch is essentially the Seahawks new Franchise player

– My top 25 list of free agents

– And lots more…

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  • McGeorge

    1) You mentioned that Woody was concerned that Rex would steal the Jets players.
    That never occurred to me. If true its kind of sad. I’s love to know the details of this one.
    – Is Maccagnan not very good?
    – Or was it Woody “suggesting” this?

    What would have been a “fair” salary for Harris – 4MM? Maybe 5MM because he’s the leader of the defense?

    And Miami is worried Rex will take their players too? My thought is “If Rex wants to overpay one of my Vets, be my guest”. It weakens a divisional opponent (over spending).

    2) At first I didn’t like the Matt Cassell trade. But he’s not making a ton, and he may end up being as “effective” as Kyle Orton. I have to assume they think EJ Manuel is a bust. I give this one a grade of a C+ (limited downside since it’s not a ton of money and it’s short term).

    (Imagine if Ryan Fitzpatrick got cut and the Bills went for him!)


    3) You may be right about the QB “Success” premium, but I don’t think it’s worth paying it – except – there is a shortage of QBs at the Kyle Orton level. You can’t let Joe Flacco go and sign Kyle Orton. You get Mark Sanchez. So you aren’t over paying Flacco for his skill, you are over paying to avoid having to replace him with a horrible replacement.

    You over pay a mid level QB to avoid having to replace them with a QB who will cost you 3-4 games over the season.

    4) I thought Byrd was over paid at the time, and surprised they restructured him.
    Who is the Saints Cap guy? They should have hired Mike Tannenbaum.

    5) “Over building though the draft”. What you need to do is extrapolate this to “you need good talent evaluation to win”. You need to draft well, because it’s so much less expensive to play rookies than aging vets, even if they are slightly less good. But you need to make trades and sign not top guys but under achieving players.

    Bad talent evaluation has been the major weakness of the Jets in the Ryan era (and thats mostly on Tannenbaum and Idzik).

    I don’t think most expensive free agents are worth it in the long run.
    (Revis was a short term free agent success for the Patriots.)

  • buk

    Jason i’m really starting to think the Jets should be a player in going after Suh. I love Snacks, but as a UFA the Jets will have to pay around 5mil annually eventually. Problem is he is 2 down run stuffer and as we saw last year teams just elected to pass on 1st and 2nd down. Suh is a 3 down player who does not miss games and has been extremely productive. He is a pass rusher and run stuffing threat on every down. You place Suh, Mo, and Richardson together in a 3-4 defense and it’s the best D-line in the league. Maybe we could sign and trade Snacks.
    If you are going to break the bank in FA it should be a player at least top 3 or 4 at his position in the league and under 30yrs old. Suh is 28 and arguably the best at his position in the league. Revis is 30yr old coming off an ACL and not in his prime. If Jets sign Revis they’ll have a ton of money invested in 30yr or older players like Marshall, Harris,Mangold, Ferguson, Revis.
    I would not rule out Suh because it is clear the Jets will have to pay overpay this FA and if so you’d like a player still in their prime and top 5 at their position because they rarely ever hit FA.