OTC Podcast 3/27: Tampering Charges, QB Decisions, Peterson, Roster Bonuses and More

In this weeks podcast I:

– Give my thoughts on the Jets/Patriots tampering fight

– Look at the negatives of signing Adrian Peterson

– Touch on a few possible Jets extensions

– Look at the contract situations of Rivers, Eli, and Brees with thoughts on trades

– Explain why teams use high second year cap charges rather than stated option bonuses

– Go over the rules for roster bonus prorations

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  • McGeorge

    It would take guts but it would be worth trading Brees, Rivers, or Eli Manning if you have a good front office that could use the draft picks wisely.
    I would be ok with it if I was a fan of those team, but probably most fans would be unhappy.

    I’d rather the Jets have overpaid Damon Harrison and Sheldon Richardson and paid David Harris or Buster Skrine. At least Harrison and Richardson are young. It’s not like the Jets have a lot of young talent.

    Because of the scarcity of “competent replacement” level QBs, I do think it’s worth over paying a decent QB. It’s not that someone like Joe Flacco is so great, but you can’t replace him with a slightly below average QB for 1MM. There are multiple teams who are desperate for a slightly below average starting QB. A team is better off paying Joe Flacco 20MM than paying someone like Geno Smith 2MM, and using the remaining 18MM elsewhere. Geno will single handedly cost you 4 games.