OTC Podcast 2/20: Contracts of Veteran Legends, Wilson Extension, 49ers, and more…

In this week’s OTC Podcast:

– I look at the way different teams are handling the contract situations of legendary players Peyton, Fitzgerald, and Peterson

– I give my thoughts on a fully guaranteed contract for Wilson

– Where the 49er salary cap might be headed

– Some Seahawks and Patriots contract thoughts

– An idea of who the Jets can fit in to free agency

Plus lots more….

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  • buk

    On the Jets maybe Jason and others can comment on some possibilities. Florio and Manish both floated possibility of Jets trading 6th pick Mariota(if he is there) to Eagles for Nick Foles, Eagles 1st rd 20th pk this year, next year 1st rd pk and maybe a 2nd and 3rd in future years. Personally I think Foles has potential to be a top 12 to 15 QB in a few years and is a solid starter that can win you 9 to 10 games right now. It’s not RG3 type trade with picks but getting a legit starting QB now with less picks vs what Rams received in no QB and more 1st rd pks has real appeal.
    As Jason stated, other than LB and QB the Jets can significantly address any position to improve the team around Foles. As for CB, if Byron Maxwell hits FA the Jets should simply overpay what Seattle will pay him and bring him along with Cro. No fooling waiting/hoping Milliner or McDougle can play or gets healthy and if they are you can slide them into Kyle Wilson’s slot CB position.
    I’ve disagreed with all the sentiment to just let Harris go. Harris never misses games and is still the team’s bet tackler at a position the Jets have no depth(which is why they retained Babin and Pace for now). Like many Idzik picks Winters,Ik, Trevor Reilly, Milliner, McDougle these players played too inconsistently or were hurt too often to evaluate them. We need to draft and develop some LB who can compliment Davis and try to use Harris as a stopgap until then with a short term deal. Ahmad Brooks, Jason Worlds, etc will want big long time money in FA and Spikes is even worse against the pass than Harris.

    • McGeorge

      I like David Harris, plays hard, and never mouth off. But he has been way over paid.
      What I think will happen is the two sides sit down and try and reach a new and fair contract. Not “Harris you are over paid, you are cut” but instead “David, we think a fair pay is X” and he comes back with Y, and they meet somewhere in the middle.

      I’d gladly do the Mariota for Foles 2 first round picks and maybe a second round pick.

      Old, innaccuare chart:

      Better valued chart:

      • buk

        I just think smart move is if possible resign Harris to a short term deal. He has been overpaid as if he were a playmaker LB which he is not. What he has been is an incredibly durable and productive tackler especially against the run. Harris leaves then LB is need along with adding 2 starting corners and maybe a safety in free agency.
        On a more positive note the combine clarified some things for Jet’s draft. If Mariota or Winston is available at 6 Jets take either one. The Jets would then be in enviable position of trading either QB to a team that wants to move up for draft picks. Winston’s strong showing yesterday made clear neither QB will drop past the 6th pk. Also worst case scenario prior to yesterday was Winston,Mariota and Amari Cooper were all off the board by the time the Jets picked 6th and Jets ability to trade down lost a lot of leverage. With WR Kevin White’s performance yesterday he emerged as top 10 offensive prospect the Jets could take at 6 if the others were gone. No question Jets are going offensive in 1st rd this year and White has deep threat speed and Dez Bryant like potential to high point the ball.
        Jets in a good spot for draft and free agency even if there is no surefire answer at QB they should be able to significantly upgrade the team.