OTC Podcast 12/4: FO Changes, Osweiler, and NFL Picks

In this weeks podcast I cover a few topics including upcoming front office shakeups, the Eagles decision to make Kelly in charge, Jeff Fishers issues in St. Louis, Brock Osweilers pending free agency and the Broncos tough contract decisions, the catch rule and NFL picks for week 13.

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  • McGeorge

    Johnny Manziel – from the clubs perspective, he damages the team discipline and I’d want him gone. He doesn’t seem like a leader. But the best way to get value from him in a trade is by starting him and having him do ok. Then they can get a 3rd round pick, or maybe a conditional 2nd round pick. To just bench him, doesn’t help the team in the long run.

    If I were the Eagles, I’d try and keep Bradford for a couple of years. He may improve and they have no one else. To let Bradford go, and start Sanchez = 6-10. Might as well tank to get better picks if thats their objective.