OTC Internship Opportunities

It is with great excitement that OverTheCap.com is rapidly growing. I’ve spoken about this on my podcast a few times, but want to officially announce that I am looking for a few interns to do some work for OTC.

What I am primarily looking for are people that have a passion for the National Football League (NFL) and in particular the contractual side of the league. Having general knowledge of the NFL salary cap, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and player contract terminology is certainly beneficial. Basic knowledge of Excel would be required as would a willingness to do some data entry.

The positions are open to anyone who can invest their time in OTC regardless of college or professional background. If you are not in a sports law program or sports management, don’t worry and feel free to apply. Since this internship is an unpaid position, there is no specific time requirement, but hopefully you can spend enough time so that you are learning a bit more about this aspect of the NFL which can hopefully help in your career down the line.

As I discussed on the podcast we have a few roles that will be open and I am always open to new ideas either for the site or as guest posting on various topics. Some positions might require some writing online but not all need to do that especially if someone is uncomfortable writing but great at doing backend football analytics and such.

Below are some of the roles I would like to add. Please note, you can take on multiple roles:

  1. Salary Cap Blogger– Two people to do blog style postings about daily contract news from around the NFL, one as a NFC and one an AFC expert. Some analysis of what is being discussed would be needed so having some basic knowledge of contracts is required to make those determinations.
  1. Contract Analyst– This role can either be a front end or back end role depending on the preference of the applicant. The primary duties of a cap analyst will be to investigate certain free agent or extension eligible players, identify comparable players through statistical analysis, and determine fair market values that may exist for those players. It may also include the study of team trends when it comes to contracts as well as future cap projections. Some data entry may also be required for these positions.
  1. Data Analyst– A more generalized position might fill a few roles for specialized projects. Duties would center more on league wide investigations. Past draft performance, free agency trends, statistical performances vs contract. Access to Excel or statistical software would be needed and as is the ability to suggest different ways to interpret data.
  1. Database editor– We all know there are plenty of mistakes on OTC and your job is to clean them up. Duties might include finding cap errors, adding in missing data like birthdays, filling in missing player ids, adding new players to the database, etc…
  1. Guest Poster– If none of the roles above work for you but you have some great ideas that you would like to share with the OTC readers I will also accept guest post submissions on all topics that are NFL related. If you are considering this role all I would ask is that you send a general topic idea before writing it this way I can let you know if it does or doesn’t fit with the site. If you currently write or host another small website this might be a good way to expose your writing/analysis to a broader audience and link back to any other material you host.

OverTheCap.com is followed by most NFL teams and NFL agents and have more than a few people in some ways related to OTC working in some capacity in the sport. As an intern, you will gain invaluable exposure along with the experience and I believe that some of the projects you work on will help you gain some of the insights you may need to stand out in an interview in the future. I’ll also be more than happy to write any letters of recommendation or connect with a potential future employer to let them know about some of the work you have done at OTC.

Please send your resume to jason@overthecap.com as well as what positions you might be open to working on. Feel free to send any additional writing pieces you have previously done. Cover letters are always helpful and if you already applied based on the podcast and want to re-submit please do so but it is not required.  Please put “OTC Intern” as the subject line. I will try to personally write back to every applicant, but can’t guarantee it. Those selected for the second round will either be given a small project to work on or asked to answer a small questionnaire just to test general knowledge needed for the position. There is a link to download a pdf of this post that you can keep for your records or share with others who may be interested.

As always thanks for the continued support.


Jason Fitzgerald
Founder & Owner

OTC Internship Opportunity