OTC Fanduel League: Week 14

The OTC league was back last week and we had an epic beatdown of the field in what may have been the most impressive showing in the two year history of the league. We we are back this week with our new league with a few new rules. Its still the same $5 entry fee but the field is now limited to 20 and the top 3 will win prizes.  Hopefully next year all the DFS legal things are sorted out and NY and other states are allowed back in so we can fill out the league. If you are new to FanDuel make sure to sign up with the promo code OTC100 to get a deposit bonus up to $200, paid out as you enter contests. The link will take you right to the enter fields so if you have never played before you can see how the team building process works.

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So as I mentioned above this was as great a showing as I can recal as bigbluewolf ran away with the league with 192 points. It was a 30 point beatdown of the next closest team. The winning team was heavily invested in the Steelers who beat the daylights out of the Colts. 2nd place went to dcarcass who had 162 points behind the great play of Cam Newton and Antonio Brown. Most weeks that probably would win the league.

In 3rd place was patchworkvictory who had some heavy hitters including Newton and Brown, but the lack of points from Brandon LaFell and TY Hilton didnt allow a higher placing in the standings. Jont36 wrapped up the prize pool with 143.84 points which was fractions of a point higher than the next 3 teams.

Good luck this week to all playing

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