OTC FanDuel League: Week 11

Scores took a bit of a step back last week as many big name players came up below expectations with our winner around 138 points. S If you want to join in the fun for week 11 here is the link to our league for this week. The rules are a bit different this week with the max entries limited to 25 and the top 4 winning prizes. If you are new to FanDuel make sure to sign up with the promo code OTC100 to get a deposit bonus up to $200, paid out as you enter contests. The link will take you right to the enter fields so if you have never played before you can see how the team building process works.  After the jump Ill recap last week’s game and just do a primer on FanDuel for any new users.

Our top team in week 10 was tokyola and it was a relatively easy win with a 10 point margin of victory. The big point getters were the top Washington players along with Martavias Bryant of the Steelers. Second place went to wvstrey3 with the monster game from Antonio Brown and a number of good performances at the other positions, but missing that second real heavy hitter for the week. Chaplainward120 came in third with 123 points. His team also featured the Washington tandem and he got a great game out of Brandin Cooks, but was let down by the kicker. There is nothing worse than having the kicker and/or defense do nothing in a given week.  Rounding out the winner circle was nkutke262, mcb4811, and doctorphelps. Congrats to the winners and all who decide to play this week.

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Unless you have been living under a rock you have likely heard of FanDuel and have also heard the recent controversy surrounding the daily fantasy sports industry and the possibility of employees using information to win prize pools meant for regular players. While none of that impacts our OTC league (no ringer is signing up for a $50 top prize) I can certainly understand the hesitancy to play on any of the DFS sites. I personally enjoy the product and find the format to be fun, but don’t let my opinion push you to play and Id encourage you to research the sites and form your own opinion on the product.

This week New York seems to be the next state to jump in on the bandwagon to possibly shut down the site in that state. I would think that would have a bigger impact that the other states who have shut it down (weve lose a few players this year when those happened) since we do get a lot of traffic from the NY area. If that happens I do intend to continue the league at least until we see if we can get enough players to keep them running it in some format.

FanDuel is a salary cap based format league in which prices are set each week for every player in the NFL and you have to fill your roster within the salary cap limits. So for example this week if you want Julio Jones on your team you will use $9,400 of your cap limit and if you decide to pair him up with AJ Green there goes another $8.400.  Keep going until you fill out your roster which will consist of 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 Def. The teams that score the most fantasy points that week will win money, with the first place team winning the most. Our league will allow you to select anyone who plays in the weekend or Monday night games. There are a number of other options outside of the OTC league on Fanduel including 50/50 leagues (finish in the top half and win), big multiplayers leagues (thousands of entries with huge prizes), 4PM only leagues (games with just afternoon games), late games, and wraparound weeks.  If you have never played before I must warn you it is a great deal of fun and highly addictive. If you just want to experience building a team I believe if you click the link it will take you direct to the selections and let you build a team even if you don’t enter.

I will try to post about the new game each Wednesday with a recap of how things went the week before and a link to the new game.  I’ll try to pin the post to the sidebar and occasionally sticky it when no new posts are going up on cap or other NFL related matters. Like I mentioned above we’ll adjust the league size based on participation.Its a friendly league and feel free to jump into the comments about how things went the week before or any general fantasy thoughts.

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions on the format or how it works.

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