OTC Draft Page Updates (3/10/2015)

I had correctly anticipated plenty of work to do with data entry for the 2016 compensatory draft picks.  What I did not anticipate updating were normal 2015 draft picks based upon the three back-to-back-to-back major trades that took place right when the new league year began at 4 PM ET (and also temporarily slowed OTC to a crawl).  It took me a bit, but I have updated the estimated rookie pool numbers based upon the following trades (only 2015 picks are mentioned below):

  • New Orleans acquiring Seattle’s 1st and C Max Unger for New Orleans’s 4th and TE Jimmy Graham.
  • Baltimore acquiring Detroit’s 4th and 5th for a 7th from Baltimore’s (previously acquired from Miami) and DE/DT Haloti Ngata.
  • St. Louis acquiring Philadelphia’s 4th and QB Nick Foles for St. Louis’s 5th and QB Sam Bradford.
  • Minnesota acquiring a 5th from Buffalo (previously acquired from Tampa Bay) for Minnesota’s 6th and QB Matt Cassel.
  • Chicago acquiring a 5th from the New York Jets for Chicago’s 7th and WR Brandon Marshall.
  • Seattle acquiring a 6th from the New York Jets for WR Percy Harvin.

In addition, I have added a feature to the compensatory draft pick trackers that will hold a “TBA” placeholder for UFAs who have news of their signings with new teams but knowledge of the APY is not yet known.  I realized this would be necessary as it could possibly give some teams false hope of being awarded picks that were instead cancelled out if there was a lengthy delay in the APY being filled in. (For example, at one point today Atlanta was listed as having two 6ths, when in reality they had gained as many UFAs as they lost.  Right now, the only TBA players are Malcolm Smith and Justin Durant.  However, I expect these type of TBA lines to increase in the coming days and weeks, as we get news of more low-level UFA signings in which terms of the contract may not emerge as quickly as the big named signed today did.

Be sure to visit OTC’s draft page to see all of the changes above made, and for 2016 compensatory picks, visit OTC’s cancellation chart.