An Offseason Guide to OTC: Free Agency Tables

The OTC free agency pages are the most comprehensive free agency listings that you can find. The tables are interactive to allow you to filter the various types of free agents or by team to quickly drill down the available talent. To access the free agent pages simply click on free agency in the top menu bar or follow this link and bookmark the page.

When you click on the free agency page you will be taken to the 2017 version of the page with each free agent listed in a table. The default sort order is by the players prior APY but clicking on any heading will allow you sort by name, team, position, etc…You will also notice a blank column for the team that the player signs with. This will populate during free agency as players sign with a new team.

The best feature of this chart is the ability to quickly drill down into subsets of players. Above the chart are three filter menus- the team filter, position filter, and type of free agent filter. If you want to see all of the free agents on the Jets simply click on NYJ and that will immediately filter the table to players on the Jets only. You can drill down further by clicking on UFA and 34DE and it will then filter to just the 34 defensive ends who are unrestricted free agents on the Jets. You can use any combination you want to customize the view to whatever you see fit. The filter menu doesn’t force you to change pages and wait for load times as a new position page or team page opens so you probably won’t find anything faster.

Clicking on another year in the top tab will bring you to the free agents of a different season if you want to look in the future. You will need to reapply the filters to these if drilling down to a specific subset of players. These tables are used by agents and teams because of their ease of use.

If you are only interested in a specific team page and want to immediately go to that you can do that as well.  The links for these pages are located at the top of the team salary cap pages but to quickly access them simply type in and add your favorite team name separated by dashes. For example the Patriots free agency page can be found at while the Packers can be found at These tables will still let you filter by position and free agent type but lock you into the team which makes the link easier to share with fellow fans of the team.

So check out the free agency pages and use it when talking about the free agent strategies for your favorite teams.