NFLPA Says 2015 Salary Cap Will Be At Least $143M

The NFLPA has said for a few weeks now that they will give their own estimates for the salary cap limits so that players and agents do not need to rely on NFL estimates and today they gave it- $143 million, a rise of $10 million from last season. If they are correct in their assessment this will mark the second year in a row in which the cap rose by $10 million after three years of a flat salary cap.

We have now updated (almost) all the numbers on the site to reflect the $143M estimate. The NFL salary cap space page now reflect that change as well as the workout adjustments which will soon accrue.  The NFL salary cap calculators are also all updated to reflect the new franchise tag and RFA tender projections. The following are the tag and tender amounts we are estimating:

Franchise Tag

QB: $18,507,000
DE: $14,785,000
LB: $13,169,000
CB: $13,049,000
OL: $12,920,000
WR: $12,797,000
DT: $11,171,000
RB: $10,929,000
TE: $8,330,000
S: $9,600,000
P/K: $4,118,000


1st Rnd: $3,347,000
2nd Rnd: $2,351,000
ROFR/Original Rnd: $1,539,000

The only number that we don’t have updated yet is the Proven Performance Escalator, which will equal  the ROFR. Since these numbers are not official I will hold off on that update until it becomes official. You can read about what players earned the PPE here.

As always if you see anything missing or in error just send an email and I will try to correct it.