NFL Stock Down: Week 15


Every Monday during the season we will take a look back at three players who are entering important stages of their contract that may have hurt their stock in upcoming negotiations with their play on Sunday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that did not live up to the expectations that his contract sets for the player.

Jordan Cameron– I’m not even sure if what Cameron has done would even be considered limping into free agency it has been so poor. Last season Cameron was a key part of the offense, putting up nearly 1,000 yards and looking poised to be one of the next explosive young tight ends. He’s not even going to reach 400 yards during this injury plagued seasons. He’s cost himself millions this year.

Julius Thomas– Speaking of tight ends without the big numbers, Thomas has kind of flown under the radar in terms of minimal impact. Thomas has failed to gain more than 33 yards in five of his last six games and hauled in just one pass this week, albeit for 30 yards. Barring an explosive finish he will average less than 45 yards a game and while his touchdown total is incredibly impressive that will be discounted in free agency.

Justin Forsett– Forsett was one of my top picks for the all bargain team, but for whatever reason was unable to get on track against the Jaguars. Forsett averaged just 3 yards a carry and lost a yard in the passing game. He’ll want a better finish to get him a bit more security next year.


New Contract Disappointment Of The Week

Jordy Nelson– As a group I think the Packers sold the Bills defense short, but Nelson went a level beyond which included a huge drop of what should have been a surefire touchdown. It was a play that would have changed the entire complexion of the game and he just lost the ball. All told he only caught 5 of 12 targets for 55 yards.


  • Dan Kunze

    I am glad you put this up before my Bears took the field last night. You could have tossed the whole team into the STOCK DOWN bin. This is going to be one of the most interesting off seasons in recent memory. My big question is who wants to come in and coach this dumpster fire? Any coach would have to bring his own GM with him and clean house (i.e. tank) for a couple of years to get the cap back in decent shape before making the team his own. So much work to do – hard to decide where to start.

    • NW86

      Agree with all of that, except for the “getting the cap back in decent shape” part. Cutler’s guaranteed $15M is getting a lot of play in the media right now, and Jared Allen also has $12M guaranteed, but it’s not like Chicago is carrying a ton of prorated bonus charges on any of its players. In fact, with most of the team already under contract for 2015, they still have $30M in cap space, so that is not the issue.

      • Dan Kunze

        I stand corrected. If they ditch Cutler, they are talking $25mm to start over after coach buyouts – the McCaskeys spend money but that would be a ton to swallow at once, however strange things happen. I would imagine they might find some suitors for a trade for Cutler, but after his last few games, those suitors will be fewer and fewer and will demand more. A new coach might make trading Cutler part of his deal. Like I said, interesting times at Halas hall to be sure. Someone will have their hands full this off season, that is for sure.

        • buk

          They are stuck with Cutler for another year at least but the coaching staff has got to go. I don’t like firing a coach after just two years but it is clear that Trestman performance and persona just don’t fit in a post Ditka/Ryan/Lovie Smith defensive era.
          The sooner the organization can admit they should start rebuilding and not just retooling they will be better off.
          Cutler,Marshall,Briggs,Urlacher,Tillman, Forte,Allen are either retired or their best days are or will soon be behind them. They will need to draft and develop a QB in the next two years along with turning over an entire roster. Worse still, Seattle, Green Bay and even Saints and Lions have shown more stability at QB and coach in the NFC. No way they give Trestman or the GM Emery time to rebuild the Bears which is a team that will soon resemble the Bucs but just don’t know it yet.