NFL Salary Cap Set at $155.27M

According to the NFLPA the NFL has officially set the salary cap for the season at $155.27 million, about $12 million higher than last years number. With that number set we can now better estimate a few charges for next season related to tenders and draft selections. The number coming in that high also should mean that every team in the NFL is already under the salary cap for next year. I have the salary cap page now updated to reflect the new cap limit. Carryovers are included in that chart but only a few other adjustmets from last years incentives. As always remember these are estimates and the actual numbers may be (and probably will be) somewhat different. 

The numbers Im least confident in estimating are the franchise tag numbers, but they should be somewhat close to the following:

PositionFranchise Tender
Defensive End$15,420,000
Wide Receiver$14,460,000
Offensive Line$13,613,000
Defensive Tackle$13,304,000
Running Back$11,814,000
Tight End$9,010,000

I’m much more confident in the RFA tenders which should be as follows:

ROFR/Orig Rnd$1,671,000
2nd Rnd$2,553,000
1st Rnd$3,635,000

The ROFR tender is also the amount that will now be earned by any player who earned the Proven Performance Escalator this year.

Finally here are my estimates for the top 5 draft picks. Wel; get the full draft chart updated in the next day or so.

PickSigning BonusTotal Value