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2014 NFL Draft Rookie Contract and Salary Cap Estimates

Updated May 11- The following are my contract estimates for the upcoming NFL draft. On May 5 it was announced that the NFL and the NFLPA had made an agreement to continue to freeze signing bonus money for the year despite the CBA stipulating increases in bonus money this season. Most likely this is due to the NFL freezing bonus money in 2012 and 2013 when the CBA would have likely called for a reduction in bonus money due to a flat salary cap.

The chart is self explanatory as to what is being shown, however please note that the "proven performance escalator" is not included in the 2017 or total cap value columns. For the most part the only leeway in compensation comes in round 3 where players seem to have much more power to negotiate better back end salaries which is why, in the past, a players selected with say the 10th pick in the round may earn less total compensation than a player selected with the 11th pick. This is the one round in the draft where I would say the players agent can play a role in the total value of the deal. Clicking on a team should take you to their individual cap page for pick by pick and yearly cap breakdowns. Overall team breakdowns are available by clicking this link. If you have any questions about the methodology used feel free to email me.

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