NFL Predictions: Week 8

We were off to a good start with the Panthers prediction yesterday so hopefully that brings some good karma to this weeks picks. Last week our record was 11-4 SU and 9-6 ATS bringing the yearly record to 68-39 and 54-53 resectively…

SAINTS (-12.5) over Bills– New Orleans has had an extra week to prepare for this game while the Bills come off an emotional win on the road which usually can lead to a letdown game. The Saints, especially at home, are a different level of team than the Bills, who are an effort team that doesn’t have the skill players to match up with New Orleans. Saints 37 Bills 20

CHIEFS (-7.5) over Browns– I guess the Browns are back to being the Browns after last weeks mess. They turn the reins now over to Jason Campbell who is a better player than Brandon Weeden but will likely get sacked a half dozen times against the Chiefs while just sitting in the pocket too long. Kansas City could sleepwalk through a game like this but their defense is so superior that this should just be another game where they slowly grind down an opponent. Chiefs 23 Browns 9

Cowboys (+2.5) over LIONS– This is a big game for Detroit who needs to avoid losing back to back games, but I’m really interested to see how Dallas plays. The Cowboys are superior to the Lions but thus far have failed to really play well away from home. They will need to bring their A game to win the game. Dallas needs to be home in the playoffs and these are games they need to try to get more than one game there. Cowboys 29 Lions 23

Dolphins (+6.5) over PATRIOTS– This is close to a must win game for Miami whose season is headed downward very quickly with the tough trio of losses that is making the Jeff Ireland extension look worse and worse by the day. New England struggled against the Jets last week and Tom Brady has not looked right this season which means this is going to be a defensive game. I think New England is slightly more talented and better coached but a TD win is too much. Patriots 23 Dolphins 20

EAGLES (-5.5) over Giants– The Giants looked awful on Monday against the Vikings, but won the game simply because they weren’t as bad as the Vikings. Philadelphia is struggling as well and if Vick gets knocked out then the result will probably change, but Vick at least makes the Eagles dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised too if the Giants special teams costs them the game. It’s one of the worst units in the league. Eagles 29 Giants 20

49ers (-16.5) over JAGUARS– Whether its from playing an easier portion of the schedule or not,  the fact is the 49’ers are starting to click and to look more like the playoff team from the last two seasons. They need to find their offense from last season but against the Jaguars that won’t matter. 49ers 37 Jaguars 9

BENGALS (-6.5) over Jets– Statistically the Jets are probably the worst winning team in the NFL, taking advantage of a pretty soft schedule, but a win over New England is always a solid win. I’ll gladly continue to be wrong about the Jets but this is a letdown game and a very difficult defense to play against. If Dalton ever was consistent the Bengals would be a Super Bowl contender. Bengals 24 Jets 16

RAIDERS (+2.5) over Steelers– Pittsburgh is doing their best to salvage their season but I don’t know if they are really back yet or have just beaten two weak teams. Oakland is going to compete against teams that can’t blow them away and the Steelers are not explosive enough to do that. I think this will be close. Steelers 16 Raiders 14

Falcons (+2.5) over CARDINALS– I have that feeling, despite all the injuries, that Matt Ryan still has something in him to at least make Atlanta respectable. The line scares me as I expected this to be a pick em type game. Arizona’s defense is tough to play against but the offense could have a hard time keeping up. Falcons 24 Cardinals 21

BRONCOS (-13.5) over Redskins– All I can say with this game is to take the over whatever it is. Neither team plays any defense at all but both teams can score. Denver is coming off the first loss of the season, a game which they kind of handed to the Colts at the end, and will be plenty motivated to put a hurting on the Redskins. There were some questions about Manning’s body after the last game and I guess we’ll get a good idea if they should be worried or not. Broncos 56 Redskins 33

Packers (-6.5) over VIKINGS– Can’t we start the flex schedule already?  I guess if there is a game to maybe not score as high as the World Series it will be this. Minnesota does have a better shot with Ponder than Freeman at QB, but I’m not sure they have any chance at all. Im sure Aaron Rodgers will be looking to rub it into Greg Jennings face a bit with  this game. Vikings staff may not make it through the year at the rate they are going. Packers 39 Vikings 20

Seahawks (-10.5) over RAMS– We all thought it would be hard to follow up Vikings/Giants, but ESPN may have done it when they landed Kellen Clemens as the starting QB for the Rams. At least if this was in Seattle Gruden could talk for most of the 4th quarter about the crowd and how they are even into a blowout win late on a Monday. I don’t even know what they can discuss in this one unless they go off on a Brett Favre tangent. Seahawks 34 Rams 13