NFL Predictions: Week 17


Final week of the season and its been a pretty poor one for me when it comes to picking winners and losers. Last week I went 11-5 SU but just 7-9 ATS. The yearly record now stands at 148-92 and 120-120. Lets hope for a strong finish…

Panthers (-7.5) over FALCONS– Atlanta gave great effort last week and I would think should do the same this week, but this is a big season for Carolina and they should be motivated to stomp the Falcons out. Panthers 30 Falcons 14

BENGALS (-5.5) over Ravens– Baltimore really has not had it at all this season and after last weeks lackluster effort its hard to see them turning it up against a top level AFC team. Bengals 23 Ravens 13

Browns (+6.5) over STEELERS– I still contend that the Steelers could be dangerous if they made the playoffs, but that sure seems to be a longshot. The Browns still look to be far away but they will put forth a better game than last week to get the backdoor cover. Steelers 24 Browns 20

Lions (+3.5) over VIKINGS– Detroit could just bail on the season after blowing it last weekend but Minnesota’s defense is so bad the Lions cant help but score 30 points. Lions 31 Vikings 24

TITANS (-6.5) over Texans– Houston earns the number one pick with this loss. Titans have to make sure they do not get fooled into thinking Ryan Fitzpatrick is any kind of solution at the QB position. Titans 27 Texans 19

COLTS (-11.5) over Jaguars– Hard to imagine this one being close.  Colts have played better the last few weeks and the Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Colts 30 Jaguars 14

DOLPHINS (-6.5) over Jets– For whatever reason the Jets seem to always have problems with Miami since 2008. Miami is the better team of the two right now anyway and should be able to sneak into the playoffs with a win. Dolphins 24 Jets 17

Redskins (+3.5) over GIANTS– Im not sure if the Redskins are spent after last weeks loss to Dallas but they have played with much more energy since RGIII was benched. I think they will give it a go here and just fall short, which makes Rams fans quite happy. Giants 21 Redskins 20

Bills (+9.5) over PATRIOTS– I don’t think the Patriots will ever worry in this game, but the point spread is pretty large and the Bills have an adequate defense and running game to keep it from getting out of hand. Patriots 29 Bills 20

Packers (+3.5) over BEARS–  I tend to think Chicago may have blown it last week by no-showing the game in Philadelphia. I wouldn’t expect much defense in this one. Packers 31 Bears 30

Broncos (-12.5) over RAIDERS– The only reason this game would be in doubt is if the Broncos decide to rest players after a certain point in the game. Broncos 42 Raiders 20

Chiefs (+9.5) over CHARGERS– Kansas City has nothing to play for but this is still a huge point spread.  Im hoping San Diego sneaks into the playoffs.  Chargers 24 Chiefs 16

SEAHAWKS (-10.5) over Rams– If the Rams can find a QB next season  they can make the playoffs. If they stick with Bradford they will stick with being a 7 win type of team. Seahawks 27 Rams 14

49ers (-2.5) over CARDINALS– Arizona deserves to make the playoffs but wont.  Their defense is young enough but Im not sure how much they will get out of this same offensive group next year. 49ers 23 Cardinals 20

SAINTS (-12.5) over Buccaneers– New Orleans is home so Im sure you get a big game out of them.  Tampa’s players all praying that this is the last game they have to play for their coach. Saints 30 Buccaneers 13

COWBOYS (+6.5) over Eagles– Kyle Orton is a capable player and with free agency pending has the ability to earn some money with a big game. Dallas will compete and I would not be shocked if they won outright. Eagles 30 Cowboys 27