NFL Predictions: Week 16


9-7 picking games without the points last week and 10-6 picking with the points to bring the season record to 137-87 and 113-111 respectively. Onto week 16

Dolphins (-2.5) over BILLS– This is a must win game for Miami as they have to avoid the letdown following the victory over the Patriots. Dolphins 27 Bills 20

BENGALS (-7.5) over Vikings– I have no idea what happened to Cincinnati last week, but they should have a much easier time with the less physical Vikings. Minnesota will certainly try to give them a game, and they may be the hardest working bad team in the NFL, but the Bengals at home is too difficult. Bengals 33 Vikings 20

Browns (+2.5) over JETS– One thing about Cleveland is that they have dynamic players running routes and one thing about the Jets is they have nobody that can cover anyone in the secondary. Jets are a much better home than road team, but the Browns are a tough matchup. Browns 23 Jets 20

Cowboys (-3.5) over REDSKINS– If Dallas loses this game it will be Armageddon on Twitter, in Dallas and possibly the NBC offices.  Despite last weeks misstep there is no reason for Dallas to lose this week against a team like Washington. Cowboys 34 Redskins 23

Broncos (-11.5) over TEXANS– Houston plays better at home which is the only thing they have going for them this weekend. If Denver can’t cruise this week then maybe the alarms should sound. Broncos 42 Texans 20

Titans (-5.5) over JAGUARS– The Titans season began to crumble when they lost to Jacksonville at home and now they should be in the market for both a new coach and new QB. They will get their revenge this week but it’s far too little, too late. Titans 27 Jaguars 17

CHIEFS (-6.5) over Colts– Surprisingly the Chiefs could get home field while the Colts are still in the hunt for the two seed. I’d be afraid of the Chiefs if they got home field. I would not fear the Colts. Chiefs 27 Colts 17

Buccaneers (+5.5) over RAMS– Disappointing season for both teams, in particular the Bucs who spent a fortune and were awful from the first snap. The Rams continue to work hard and I think have learned things about their team that should help in the future. They will win this week but they wont cover. Rams 23 Buccaneers 19

Saints (+3.5) over PANTHERS– The difference in home/away game margin for the Saints is the largest in the NFL and they seemingly can’t play on the road. That said they have to look at this as a playoff game and do something to stay close. I’ve been big on Carolina all season and think they win this week, but by a field goal. Panthers 20 Saints 17

Giants (+9.5) over LIONS– The world is finally figuring out that Matt Stafford has never been a very good QB regardless of what kind of numbers he puts up. He makes too many mistakes to engineer a win by this many points against a defense that s at least trying. Of course half the Giants offense may not show up which could render that point moot.  Lions 24 Giants 17

Cardinals (+10.5) over SEAHAWKS– The Seahawks losing last week to San Francisco was likely the final nail in the coffin for Arizona who is going to look back at one or two wasted opportunities costing them the playoffs.  They will hang around and keep it within 10 but I don’t expect the Seahawks to worry much. Seahawks 24 Cardinals 16

Steelers (+2.5) over PACKERS– Green Bay winning last week pretty much defied logic. Pittsburgh is a tough team and I think they can have a field day with Matt Flynn to pull off a minor upset on the road. Steelers 27 Packers 26

Raiders (+10.5) over CHARGERS– It would be just like the Chargers to beat Denver and then come back home and lose to the Raiders. While I don’t see that happened I do see the Raiders giving effort to try to save the job of their coach. Chargers 28 Raiders 19

Patriots (+2.5) over RAVENS– Tom Brady often has trouble with the Ravens, but can anyone trust the Ravens to be able to outscore a team with an elite QB?  Don’t think the Ravens have it in them to beat this team. Patriots 23 Ravens 17

Bears (+2.5) over EAGLES– There is a chance the game could mean nothing for Philadelphia though I would expect them to play hard regardless and not get caught looking forward.  Fun matchup with neither team offering much resistance defensively and potential playoff implications. Eagles win a very close one. Eagles 30 Bears 28

49ERS (-11.5) over Falcons– Unless the 49ers have a hangover this should be a no contest. 49ers 33 Falcons 13