NFL Predictions: Week 15


Another week goes by and another week of poor picks, this week stumbling to a 9-7 and 7-9 record. Yearly record is 128-80 SU and 103-105 ATS. Lets see if we can get a respectable finish to the season and salvage something positive, though we are already off to a bad start with the Broncos pick this week…

Redskins (+6.5) over FALCONS– I tend to think the team may rally a bit around Kirk Cousins as some of the comments coming out of the locker room were not exactly complimentary to RGIII. I’d expect the game to be much closer than this spread. Falcons 23 Redskins 21

Bills (-1.5) over JAGUARS– I don’t think anyone can deny how much better the Jaguars have played these last 5 weeks. The Bills look somewhat dead and a team ready for changes, but I’ll give them the chance of pulling this one out. Bills 24 Jaguars 20

Bears (+1.5) over BROWNS– I know the Bears are on a short week and they are switching QB’s and the Browns really should have beaten New England, but I just don’t see the Browns being favored. Cutler will play well enough to win. Bears 24 Browns 20

COLTS (-6.5) over Texans– The Colts are playing so poorly right now and will probably be the easiest out in the playoffs, but Houston is already on a new coach this week and that cant be good. Colts 29 Texans 20

Patriots (-2.5) over DOLPHINS– Big wildcard implication game.  Both teams should have lost last week but give them both credit for finding a way (however lucky) to win those games. I think QB makes all the difference in this one. Patriots 23 Dolphins 20

Eagles (-4.5) over VIKINGS– Give Minnesota credit for being a bad team that really goes out and tries every week. That said that special effort is only going to get you wins against teams that are not trying. The Eagles have given effort in pretty much every game Nick Foles has played. Eagles 31 Vikings 24

Seahawks (-6.5) over GIANTS– Seattle does not play as well away from home, but the Giants are now in worthless game mode. With free agency pending for some players Id expect the Giants to be playing as individuals rather than a team. Seahawks 27 Giants 13

49ers (-5.5) over BUCCANEERS– Clearly a trap game for the 49ers coming off an emotional win against the Seahawks, but with the Cardinals breathing right down the necks of San Francisco they can’t afford to let up. Result of this game will say a lot about San Fran being a real contender. 49ers 24 Buccaneers 13

Chiefs (-4.5) over RAIDERS– It’s been falling apart for a few weeks in Oakland and I can’t imagine the Chiefs letting up. Chiefs big. Chiefs 30 Raiders 13

PANTHERS (-11.5) over Jets-Only hope for the Jets is if Carolina is completely stung by the loss in New Orleans. That pass rush will kill Geno Smith. Panthers 27 Jets 10

Packers (+6.5) over COWBOYS– Dallas laid an egg last week and is really a month removed from playing high quality football. I expect Dallas to win but not by a touchdown against the Packers, even with Matt Flynn at the helm. Cowboys 27 Packers 23

Cardinals (-2.5) over TITANS– A good NFC team against a mediocre AFC team is almost always going to be a big win for the NFC. Cardinals keep pressing for that final wildcard. Cardinals 26 Titans 19

Saints (-5.5) over RAMS– Can New Orleans play well away from home?  This should be the first step to proving they can do it and the stadium fits their style of play to facilitate it. Saints have too much firepower for the Rams. Saints 28 Rams 16

Bengals (-2.5) over STEELERS– Pittsburgh is probably the one team that can point to a few bounces of the ball being the difference between a losing record and being in the lead for the wildcard, but at some point I’d imagine they stop showing up. Cincy is the team to watch out for in the AFC this year. Bengals 27 Steelers 20

Ravens (+5.5) over LIONS– Does anyone trust Detroit?  Probably not, but I don’t think anyone cares one bit for the Ravens either. Close game filled with mistakes by both sides and my guess is a story about a coach or QB being the reason the game was won or lost come Tuesday morning. Lions 21 Ravens 20