NFL Predictions: Redskins vs Vikings


Last week I went 9-4 picking straight up but just 6-7 picking against the points bringing the records to 86-47 and 68-65 respectively.

Redskins (-2.5) over VIKINGS– Another in a long line of bad Thursday night games, a concept that really the league should consider shelving. The Redskins still have a slight pulse for the year since the NFC East is so bad and nobody trusts the Cowboys while the Vikings are simply playing for pride. If this was a Sunday game I’d expect both teams scoring a bunch of points since neither team plays defense, but since its Thursday I have less of a feel that the offenses will click.

For RGIII this has been a disappointing season. He has struggled coming back from his knee injuries and being consistent in the offense. He has taken some big hits and I expect Jared Allen to get him one or two times tonight.  Still he really came on strong at the end of last season so maybe there is hope for the Redskins still that he can heat up over the last half of the year and what better place to do it than in front of a national audience.

Christian Ponder is auditioning for a job somewhere but I wonder how committed the Vikings are to him right now and if one bad game will end it for him. While he has not been good I feel like he is the best option on the team. I think he has maybe caught too much flack for Adrian Peterson not being superhuman this season. That said I think Ponder will be a long term backup in the NFL but that’s probably his ceiling now. Redskins 34 Vikings 29