NFL Predictions: Giants vs Bears


The less said about last week the better having gone 5-9 both with and without the points. That dropped the record to 47-30 and 37-40 on the year. That’s pretty terrible, but hopefully we bounce back this week.

BEARS (-7.5) over Giants– Coming off of back to back losses this is a game that the Bears really need to win to maintain their momentum from the first three games in the season. If there is an opponent to do that against the Giants should be the team. New York looks to be one of the five worst teams in the NFL and the only thing they do well is turn the ball over to the wrong team. The Giants offensive line is so bad right now that it should help the Bears generate some pass rush and force Eli Manning into more mistakes.

For the Giants  this is a bad matchup. Chicago will take advantage, especially at home, of mistakes and right now Manning is making too many of them. The Giants are defense is not generating any pass rush which should keep Jay Cutler untouched and help him minimize his mistakes. I don’t know how the Giants can physically match up with Brandon Marshall in the pass game. Cutler having a meltdown is the one thing I would be worried about from the Bears point of view, but the Giants are mistake prone I have to imagine they would match him turnover for turnover.

Considering the teams playing and specifically the state of the Giants I’d imagine an even sloppier Thursday night game than usual. Sloppy or not this is a game the Bears should win. If they don’t they may begin the big trend downward for the season. Bears 34 Giants 20