NFL Predictions: Divisional Round


I went 3-1 ATS last week but just 1-1 SU….

Ravens (+7) over PATRIOTS– I don’t think I buy into the “Ravens are in the mind of the Patriots” storyline, but I do expect a close game. For Baltimore to win I believe they need their speed at receiver to stand out and they need to put heavy pressure on Tom Brady. Gronkowski is going to be a tough matchup and if the Patriots keep them of balance with the pass and run play selections I like the Pats chances to win, but not by 7. Patriots 24 Ravens 21

SEAHAWKS (-11) over Panthers– These two teams have played close games before, but I cant see the Panthers competing here. I believe the 12th man will disrupt Carolina early and once Seattle jumps ahead it will snowball from there. Seahawks 27 Panthers 14

Cowboys (+6) over PACKERS– This should be the game of the week. This would be a gigantic win for the Cowboys if they could pull it off, but unless they can control the time of possession I don’t think they can outscore Green Bay in a shootout. Packers will expose the Cowboys secondary and I dont think Romo has enough to win but hes more than good enough to be in there at the end. Packers 31 Cowboys 27

BRONCOS (-7) over Colts- I think this is a game where the story coming out of the game is either the Broncos looked good or they looked really bad. I dont see the story being that the Colts came out there and won or lost the game. Its all about Denver finding what they had in the middle of the season and getting it back for the playoffs.  If the Broncos come close to their potential they should cover. Broncos 30 Colts 20