NFL Predictions 2014: Week 7 Thursday Night Football


Last week I went 9-5-1 SU and 9-5-1 ATS.  The yearly record now stands at 61-29-1 and 54-34-3.

PATRIOTS (-9.5) over Jets– There just is not much for me to like about this game. Geno Smith on a short week and back to playing in the super handcuffed offense does not make me think that the Jets can compete offensively. The Jets should be able to generate a pass rush to frustrate Brady a bit, but as we saw with the Broncos game last week you can only get to the QB so many times in a game. They need the secondary to step up, not play 10 yards off the receivers on every play. The Jets best chance in this game is overconfidence by New England. The Patriots are already talking about using Darrelle Revis on offense, which is basically an admission that they believe they will be up huge in the 4th. Some of New Englands worst moments come when they take teams like this too lightly. I’ll be hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Patriots 34 Jets 17


  • buk

    Jason please please focus your next article on Mr.Idzik and Idzik alone because that is where 99% of the blame resides. I listened the Patriots PFW podcast before the Thursday game and they were stunned the Jets GM would come into the season with this secondary and over 20 mil under the cap. It’s a joke that the Jets come to play HOF qbs with corners named Allen,Adams and Walls. 1 interception in 7 games and this secondary unable to make ANY plays in pass coverage all year.
    Over 200 rushing. A 60 yd kickoff return. Dominate time of possession 40m to 20m. No turnovers by Geno. Best game from Geno all year and we still lose. It’s a talent problem especially in the secondary where they don’t know what they are doing. We cut Cromartie and traded Revis for this? Hire Bill Polian and his son and let them decide on coach and handle the draft as well as the cap. Maybe I could give Idzik the benefit of the doubt if the man ever met the media to explain what his plan is to Jet fans. Instead he hides leaving Rex hanging out to dry with lack of talent and field questions of how this abomination came about.
    I’ve not been this angry as a Jet fan since Kotite but I do appreciate Rex getting his team to fight against Brady and Manning not rolling over in a 5 day period.

    • Im not big on Polian. I think the game is too far along for him. Some of the comments he made on the radio a few months back about salary cap matters were either wrong or very old style in their approach. So I wouldnt go there.

      But yes the team cleary has no talent and I think Rex realized it last night. Dominate the game, make no mistakes on offense, and still lose. This isnt Brady from 2009/10 this is not a great Patriots offense. The team could not cover Danny Amendola. That has to eat at Rex.

  • Dan Kunze

    I watched some of the game and that running back for the Jets is a keeper.

    • Ivory might be the most violent runner Ive ever seen. Problem is he always gets hurt.

      • Dan Kunze

        I can see how he gets hurt running like that. I believe this is why my guy Forte is so relatively durable. He knows when to go down.