NFL Predictions 2014: Week 12 Thursday Night Football


Some big upsets last week which helped lead to a 7-7 record SU and 8-6 record ATS. My record on the season now stands at 104-56-1 and 93-64-4.  Onto another boring edition of Thursday Night Football…

Chiefs (-7.5) over RAIDERS– It’s hard to see the Raiders having much of a shot in this game unless the Chiefs sleepwalk through it. The Chiefs run game is terrific and should match up well with the Raiders defense. The biggest weakness on the Chiefs defense is their run defense, depsite the weird no touchdown stat, but that is also the run offense of the Raiders is one of the worst in the NFL. I’ve liked the bit I have seen of the Raiders QB, but he is very mistake prone and is going to be under heavy pressure tonight from the Chiefs pass rush which will likely make things even worse. They could go to an extreme short passing game to try to avoid the rush but thats not going to bring about a positive result, its just going to limit the really negative ones. Chiefs continue to push towards the playoffs while Oakland keeps pushing to the number 1 pick. Chiefs 24 Raiders 10