NFL Bonuses and the Pro Bowl


The NFL announced the official Pro Bowl rosters today and while many say it is a meaningless thing, there are many players around the league who have bonuses tied to being named to the Pro Bowl. These are the names I have tracked down that I am pretty certain earned bonuses by being selected to the Pro Bowl. If you see any mistakes or have players to add just let me know.

Mario Williams, Bills- $400,000

Matt Slater, Patriots- $300,000 (h/t to Miguel from

Pat McAfee, Colts- $250,000

Kyle Williams, Bills- $150,000

Marcel Reece, Raiders- $100,000

Joe Haden, Browns- $100,000

Kam Chancellor, Seahawks- $100,000

Darren Sproles, Eagles- $100,000

Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots- $50,000 (per FieldYates)

For cap purposes if these players has made the Pro Bowl last season there would be no changes to a teams salary cap. If the player was not a Pro Bowler in 2013 and the bonus was treated as NLTBE the league will account for the incentive following the completion of the season and the teams cap carryover will be reduced. If a player with a Pro Bowl incentive made the Pro Bowl last season but failed to make it this year the team will earn a credit next season. Alternate Pro Bowlers will not earn bonuses.

In addition to the above, the Packers Josh Sitton should earn a $250,000 salary escalator for making the Pro Bowl. This does not impact their carryover nor is it guaranteed.