New Features and Changes to OTC for the Upcoming 2021 League Year

As we prepare for the start of the 2021 league year in the NFL, we at Over The Cap are pleased to share with you a new batch of additions and changes.

New Navigation Dashboards

As you can now see on the top of every page, we’ve streamlined the navigation that you’ll find on the top of both the public and premium sides of the website. Our goal with this new design is to make it easier and more intuitive to find all of the content that we offer on OTC, on all devices.

OTC 2021 Free Agency Guide

The OTC 2021 Free Agency Guide is a unique look at football free agency. Inside you will find a look back at past signings to see how the signings have impacted team results, how groups of players have performed after switching teams, and contract projections for some of 2021’s biggest free agents. The guide runs 240 pages and is available to all premium subscribers. If you are not a premium subscriber it is also available as a standalone purchase.

Contract Constructor

Ever wanted to try your hand at crafting an NFL contract, be it one that is player-friendly, team-friendly, or that you feel is a fair deal for both sides?

OTC’s new Contract Constructor has you covered. Search for a player that you’d like to create a new contract for, add in contract length, base salaries, bonuses, and guarantees, and the Contract Constructor will automatically show you important metrics such as APY, cash flows, and transaction changes.

Constructed contracts are also shareable. A unique link will be generated with every change you make to the contract, and be copied at any time to pass along. Furthermore, you may also generate a PDF that prints the contract in a more readable format. This PDF will also contain the same shareable link. Therefore, if you receive a proposal built through the Contract Constructor, and you’d like to make a “counteroffer”, so to speak, follow the link, make changes as you see fit, and send the new link back.

New Premium Offerings

There are four new pages that have been added to OTC’s premium section:

Snaps Entering Free Agency

With free agency approaching, this page will show you which teams are set to lose what percentage of snaps from the previous season to the open market. In addition to to the total amount, each team is broken down by offense, defense, special teams, and each position. The green choropleth shading will assist further in pinpointing which teams have particularly high percentages in this regard.

Age Distribution

For better or worse, age is a dominating factor as to the efficacy of an NFL player. This leaguewide age distribution page provides the average ages of each team, additionally broken down by offense, defense, veteran vs. rookie contracts, and also by each relevant age cohort.

Roster Development

This page breaks down each team’s roster by how they entered the league, and how many and of what ratio each roster consists of homegrown vs. external talent.

APY Ranges By Position

If you’ve ever wondered not only which teams spend high or low on certain positions, but also the variance between the starters and reserves, this page has you set. It lists out the APYs of the top four paid players for each team at that position, as well as aggregating the players by the Top 2, 3 and 4.

* * * *

As with anything new, there may be errors that have yet to be discovered, and like with every feature of OTC, nothing is set in stone as to its display and function. If you discover bugs, please submit reports via OTC’s Technical Support form, and please be as specific as possible in describing how you encountered the bug. If you have any suggestions on these or other parts of the website, send over an email, or reach us on Twitter at @Jason_OTC and/or @nickkorte.

We hope these additions and changes, with more to come alongside the existing content, will continue to serve you well as your #1 resource for learning about contracts, the salary cap, and other financial aspects of the NFL.