• Dan Kunze

    Yep, pretty brutal times for my team. I have a slightly different take, although I agree with the general thrust.
    The Cutler signing doesn’t really bother me. At the time (this is important), Cutler just came off re-writing all of the Bears offensive records and the team put up (I think) the second most points in the NFL. The offense was clicking at a level Chicago fans haven’t seen, well, ever. Sure, we likely paid too much for Cutler, but the signing itself was justified, to me at least.
    Our team has been decimated over and over with injuries. I don’t know why this is. Maybe we need a better strength and conditioning coach – hard to say. Mel Tucker, the D coordinator will certainly have to fall on the sword after the season but I won’t lay all the blame on him. He still gets a lot of it, though.
    One thing that we really have done well in the past two years is draft. We have a ton of good players that, unfortunately, are learning on the job. These guys are out of place all the time, but when they get a hold of the opposing team, they destroy them. I know this is little consolation in what is now a lost season, but it keeps my spirits up.
    This will be one of the most interesting off seasons in memory for my Bears. The pattern for the McCaskeys isn’t to eat coaching years and Trestman has two left. They might come to terms with him, but we shall see. Emery also has multiple years left.