Looking at Past NFL Player for Draft Pick Trades


With the Darrelle Revis trade about to go down I wanted to go back and look at some of the trades for players over the last 10 years or so as we begin to make early judgments on who got the better or worse value in the trade. Id say in general none of the trades have been franchise defining for the team giving away the first round pick. Based on the fact that Revis is looking for a new deal and is considered a top defensive talent I would look at the Jared Allen trade as a trade that might hold some weight in terms of compensation. Gut feeling is that some combination of a 1st, 3rd, and 4th/5th would be considered a pretty fair trade. Two first round picks would be an absolute steal for the Jets.

Here are the player for 1st round pick trades I could come up with since 2000, plus some brief comments on each. (Credit to Pro Sports Transactions for making it easy on me to look these up)


Jets trade WR Keyshawn Johnson to the Buccaneers for the 13th and 27th pick. Johnson did win a Super Bowl in Tampa and have two productive seasons before being shut down by the head coach in 2003 and traded that offseason;

Seahawks trade WR Joey Galloway to Cowboys for a first rounder in 2000 and 2001. The picks are the 19th and 7th picks in the draft. Galloway was a total bust for the Cowboys


Rams traded QB Trent Green to the Chiefs for the 12th and 150th pick in the draft.  Green was productive with the Chiefs even if the playoff results were not there

Rams traded DE Kevin Carter to the Titans for the 29th pick in the draft. Carter didn’t put up the sack numbers in Tennessee but was a solid starter on a good defense though only there for 4 seasons


Saints traded RB Ricky Williams and a 4th round pick to the Dolphins for the 25th pick in the draft and a conditional 2003 first round pick that ended up being the 18th pick in the draft.  Williams’ first year in Miami was great, but within 2 years he retired from football. He returned in 2005 only to get suspended for drugs in 2006.


Jets received the 13th pick in the draft as compensation from the Redskins for RFA WR Laveranues Coles. Coles made 1 Pro Bowl with the Redskins before being traded back to the Jets in 2005

Patriots traded QB Drew Bledsoe to the Bills for the 14th pick in the draft. Bledsoe lasted three years as a Bills starter producing 1 Pro Bowl and 0 playoff appearances.


Vikings traded WR Randy Moss to the Raiders for the 7th and 219th picks. Moss was a complete bomb for Oakland, quitting on his team until a trade to New England saved his career.

Raiders traded TE Doug Jolley, the 47th pick, the 182nd and 185th pick to the Jets for the 26th pick and the 230th pick. This was harder to include since it did involve a 2nd rounder that was close to the 1st the Jets gave up, but Jolley was such an epic failure and this such a bad trade I wanted to include it.


Jets trade DE John Abraham to the Falcons for the 29th pick in the draft. Abraham had a long and productive career in Atlanta that saw multiple playoff appearances and 4 double digit sack seasons

Patriots trade WR Deion Branch to the Seahawks for a 2007 1st round pick that proved to be the 24th pick in the draft. Branch was a bust for the Seahawks and sent back  to the Patriots after 4 unproductive seasons.


Chiefs trade DE Jared Allen and the 187th pick to Vikings for the 17th, 73rd, 82nd, and 182nd pick. Allen has been one of the most dominant pressure generating ends in the league since being acquired by the Vikings


Bills trade LT Jason Peters to Eagles for the 28th and 121st pick. Peters had 3 Pro Bowl seasons for the Eagles before being injured off the field this past season.

Broncos trade QB Jay Cutler and the 140th pick to the Bears for the 18th pick , 84th pick and Kyle Orton. The Broncos also received a 2010 first rounder that was the 11th pick in the draft. Cutler has twice led the Bears to the playoffs though he has not been considered a top tier QB.


Raiders trade a 1st rounder in 2012 and 2nd rounder in 2013 to the Bengals for QB Carson Palmer. The picks end up being the 17th and 37th picks in the draft. Palmer was traded off the Raiders before they even accounted for the 2nd round pick involved in this trade