Looking at the NFL Rookie Contracts

I thought it might be fun during the draft to put up our contract estimates for each player but to also show where they should rank by contract annual value. While we all expect a lot from our draft picks and anyone who is not a star is generally considered a bust, in reality we don’t need exceptional play to get fair value for the player. The reason is because the actual player salary is generally so far down on the APY charts that many times average play will justify the actual year by year investment. So the following table will show the basic contract estimates for each player and the current NFL players who rank just above and below the draft picks salary. 

PickTeamPlayerPosTotalSigning BonusAPYAPY RankHigh VeteranLow Veteran
1RamsJared GoffQB$27,937,672$18,518,308$6,984,41826Chase DanielJameis Winston
2EaglesCarson WentzQB$26,676,338$17,600,972$6,669,08527Chase DanielJameis Winston
3ChargersJoey Bosa34OLB$25,873,672$17,017,216$6,468,41817Brandon GrahamRobert Mathis
4CowboysEzekiel ElliotRB$24,956,342$16,350,068$6,239,08610DeMarco MurrayCJ Anderson
5JaguarsJalen RamseyCB$23,350,998$15,182,544$5,837,75029Davon HouseJeremy Lane
6RavensRonnie StanleyLT$20,484,328$13,097,692$5,121,08222Luke JoeckelMatt Kalil
749ersDeForest Buckner34DE$18,190,990$11,429,812$4,547,74816Leonard WilliamsKendall Langford
8TitansJack ConklinLT$15,897,658$9,761,932$3,974,41525Donald StephensonMichael Oher
9BearsLeonard Floyd34OLB$15,782,990$9,678,536$3,945,74829Mike NealWillie Young
10GiantsEli AppleCB$15,152,320$9,219,868$3,788,08044Tracy PorterOrlando Scandrick
11BuccaneersVernon HargravesCB$14,177,654$8,511,020$3,544,41447Captain MunnerlynJerraud Powers
12SaintsSheldon Rankins43DT$12,801,646$7,510,288$3,200,41219Paul SoliaiNick Fairley
13DolphinsLaremy TunsilLT$12,457,650$7,260,108$3,114,41328Michael OherJoe Reitz
14RaidersKarl JosephS$11,884,316$6,843,140$2,971,07935Chris ConteBradley Mcdougald
15BrownsCorey ColemanWR$11,654,980$6,676,348$2,913,74555Brian HartlineDeVante Parker
16LionsTaylor DeckerRT$10,966,978$6,175,984$2,741,74525Andrus PeatRyan Schraeder
17FalconsKeanu NealS$10,737,646$6,009,196$2,684,41236Chris ConteBradley Mcdougald
18ColtsRyan KellyC$10,450,986$5,800,716$2,612,74717Tim BarnesCam Erving
19BillsShaq Lawson43DE$10,278,976$5,675,620$2,569,74433Benson MayowaRyan Davis
20JetsDarron LeeILB$10,221,644$5,633,924$2,555,41124Keenan RobinsonBrandon Marshall
21TexansWill FullerWR$10,164,312$5,592,228$2,541,07859Kamar AikenBrandon LaFell
22RedskinsJosh DoctsonWR$10,049,644$5,508,832$2,512,41160Kamar AikenBrandon LaFell
23VikingsLaquon TreadwellWR$9,934,980$5,425,440$2,483,74562Brandon LaFellNelson Agholar
24BengalsWilliam JacksonCB$9,705,648$5,258,652$2,426,41261Darius ButlerKyle Fuller
25SteelersArtie BurnsCB$9,590,980$5,175,256$2,397,74563Kyle FullerMarcus Peters
26BroncosPaxton LynchQB$9,476,306$5,091,860$2,369,07739Colt McCoyMatt McGloin
27PackersKenny Clark34DE$9,361,642$5,008,468$2,340,41131Arik ArmsteadVance Walker
2849ersJoshua GarnettG$9,304,310$4,966,772$2,326,07830Chris ChesterZack Martin
30CardinalsRobert Nkemdiche34DT$8,600,592$4,454,976$2,150,14832Arik ArmsteadVance Walker
31PanthersVernon Butler43DT$8,396,516$4,306,556$2,099,12928Alan BranchTerrance Knighton
32SeahawksGermain IfediRT$8,265,110$4,210,988$2,066,27834Riley ReiffJustin Pugh

  • Werner

    Do picks after NE forfeited one as 30 thru 32 also in terms of pay scale? How much money lost as gap 28 to 30 is 700 k$ for 4 years ?

  • charles

    I think you should remove rookie scale contracts from the comparison to the new rookie contracts APY’s. This would give a better representation of the value the player is providing. For example, Artie Burns is paid in scale to Marcus Peters and Kyle Fuller, who are both very good players. If he becomes a solid player but doesn’t play as well as Peters and Fuller, then this would indicate he is not providing any value, which is not true. However, if you were to say his compares to Terrance Newman and Nolan Caroll that gives a better feel for the value is providing.

  • capulet7

    Are all those signing bonuses paid up front in one lump sum? Or are larger ones split somehow and paid in fractions?

    • eddiea

      Some teams pay all at once ,but all SBs have to be paid with in 12m of contract signing. I for one would like them paid over life of contract since 1st Rnd deals are fully guaranteed.

      • Carter Mckinney

        this is precisely why clubs put offset language into the contracts…. with the 5th year option and the getting cut and getting some money back language

  • McGeorge

    Off Topic – Holy crap am I dissapointed with the Jets drafting. Hackenberg with a #2 pick?

    I think Maccagnan is way overrated as a GM. He came into a situation that allowed him to spend a huge amount of free agency money. It’s not hard to improve on a 4-12 record, especially when getting a soft schedule.
    From what I’ve seen of Maccagnan, he’s ok, neither good nor terrible. He won’t be turning the Jets into a good play off team in the next 5 years.

    Hack is a bust.
    In the 2015 draft, Leonard Williams fell to the Jets, it was a no brainer to take him. It remains to be seen how good Mauldin becomes. The rest of the draft picks are likely busts.
    I can see the 2016 draft being worse.
    At this rate, the Jets will be a perpetual 7-9 team.

  • W Van Landingham III

    Hargraves lost $1.6-mil total and $1 million off his signing bonus by slipping 2 spots. Wow.