Jon Condo’s Extension With Raiders Worth $3.2 Million


The Raiders continued their special teams extension when the locked up Long Snapper Jon Condo to a three year contract worth $3.2 million. The $1.067 annual value places Condo near the top of the position in terms of annual salary and with 53% of the contract guaranteed, his guarantee is exceptionally high. The guarantee consists of a $710,000 signing bonus and fully guaranteed base salaries $840,000 and $150,000 in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

The guarantee can be a bit misleading as Condo was scheduled to earn $1.2 million this year which he was virtually guaranteed to earn since he was going to be on the Raiders this season. Taking that into account the added guarantee is just $500,000 which is much more realistic way to look at the contract.

Oakland actually creates $182,500 in cap space with the extension due to lowering his base salary and including a prorated bonus in the new contract.

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  • John Baines

    $182,500 in additional cap room? New deal has ’13 cap of $1,125,833 ($840,000 + $325,000/3 prev proration + $710,000/4 new proration). Old deal was $1,200,000. Seems more like $74,167 in cap savings.

    • Old deal was $1.2 plus the proration or $1,308,334 in total cap. The savings is the $1.2 million minus the 840K minus the $710K/4. The old proration is equivalent in both deals.

      • John Baines

        whoops, you are correct. Too many things open at once…

        • No problem. I do the same many times before I realize I forget to consider old bonus money in an equation

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