Jets to Release Brandon Marshall

According to Kimberly Martin the Jets will be releasing wide receiver Brandon Marshall in the coming days.

The move, which was expected given the Jets dismal season in 2016, will free up another $7.5 million in cap room which should give the Jets, based on my estimates about $33 million in cap room. Just a week or so ago the Jets were $8 million over the cap but they are building up cap room as they cut the veterans from their team. Thus far the Jets releases have included Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis, Breno Giacomini, Nick Folk, Ryan Clady, and Erin Henderson. More releases should be expected. Marshall will not add any dead money to the Jets salary cap.

The Jets traded for Marshall in 2015 and he was an immediate hit for the Jets in his first season. He made a good target for Ryan Fitzpatrick as the Jets surprisingly had one of the better passing attacks in the NFL. The fortunes changes in 2016 as Fitzpatrick struggled and Marshall struggled with him. As long as Marshall is reasonable in his contract desires I would think he will get signed as part of the second wave of free agency by a team that believes it is a contender.

The wide receiver class will be interesting to watch unfold with a number of quality veterans hitting the market. Normally these players would not get top tier money but with the amount of cap space out there it might not be that surprising if Marshall, DeSean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon set some kind of new standard for the 30+ free agent.

  • McGeorge

    I want to see the Jets tank 2017 so they can draft a good QB prospect in 2018.
    I’m glad they are cutting Marshall and Decker, so the QB will have no receivers.
    Enunwa may be good, but he’s not a #1. Neither is Anderson.

    I just hope they don’t spend a lot on players who won’t be here long term.
    Just suck it up, so 1-15 and get it done with.

    • Dan Kunze

      It is clear that the Jets are tanking – oh, I mean, getting younger, which is what my Bears are doing. If you can’t win with the old guys you have, clear the decks and start over. It will be a long few years.

      • Werner

        Unfortunately Tanking can become an addictive habit, as the C.B. have convincingly demonstrated now, linked to drafting odd choices at QB.

        • Dan Kunze

          And the Bears ownership has repeatedly proven that they are ready to clear the decks in the office after a few years of bad records (this year will be the last for Pace, Fox and the rest if they are terrible once again). So at least there is that.

      • McGeorge

        I’ll only be satisfied if they don’t go spending big in free agency.
        I want to see 1-15, so they should start Bryce Petty and then Christian Hackenberg after Petty goes to IR.

  • hkim2016

    Is Marshall not a good value at $7.5M? I’m trying to figure out whether if this says more about Marshall not being worth his price tag, or whether if it says more about the Jets and their plans for 2017? I haven’t watched the Jets or Marshall enough to say anything conclusively, but I would think that it would be hard to replace him at a cheaper cost at comparable or better performance? Or is this more of a signal from the Jet’s FO that they don’t think they will have a QB to throw to a 7.5M/year WR? Might also signal Jets are willing to either focus on a running game or take a bath in 2017 and roll over cap? Or draft a WR?

    • Herby Norelis

      Marshal is a beast… Why would you want to stay on a team with no coach, QB GM, future when you are a top 10 talent? If he goes to the Giants at a 4 mill incentive laden deal watch out… the NFC East has the weakest secondary…

      • hkim2016

        Correction – Marshall was on a 1 year deal. Pretty sure they couldn’t work out a deal. He probably wanted more money, Jets wanted to pay him less. I was under the impression that he was still under contract and released, but that is not the case.

        I doubt Marshall signs for 4M. He is probably gunning for 10+

        • McGeorge

          Marshall had a somewhat off year, with some costly drops, but could still be productive for a team with a decent QB and offense.
          I’m not sure what you mean he was on a 1 year deal. He was on the last year of his contract, and the Jets are going to stink, so why pay him 7.5?
          Give a younger player a chance.