Jets Get Slaughtered by the Bills


Time for my quick jump into Jets related stuff after a 20 point loss to the Bills…

I think at this point its fair to say that the Jets have reached Kotite levels as they are sitting at 1-7 with no quarterback, no offense, and no hope.

The Jets finally benched Geno Smith who looked like he was completely lost on the field and that his mind was in a totally different place.  Im not sure Ive seen a stretch of plays as bad as the ones Smith had on the field. 3 turnovers. Passes all over the field. A blown timeout because he couldnt hear a play. It was scab level play and he would be cut if he was a 6th round pick after a game like this.

There was nothing in the way he played or the way they called the game that seemed like a coherent effort like the Jets showed last week against the Patriots. There was no attempt made to establish the line of scrimmage and get the running game going. There was no physicality in the game at all. It was as if everything positive that came out of last weeks effort was completely forgotton by the Jets coaching staff.Following the game Rex Ryan and backup Mike Vick, who was also careless with the fotball, said they had great weeks of practice. If thats the result from a great week of practice I’d hate to see what a bad week of practice looks like.

I am a firm believer that if you put Ryan out there as a coach of a veteran team his is going to be a playoff contender, but this isnt that team and he is not the coach the Jets need for a full rebuild and its a big reason why the team has just gone sideways for three years.  The fact is they simply do not compete when they are outclassed, which is becoming more and more common with the roster as poorly constructed as it is.

Ryan’s Jets have now lost 25 games in the last 2.5 years. Of those losses 10 have been by at least 20 points. I dont know what the numbers are around the NFL, but 40% of your losses coming by that number seems absurd. Kotite is usually considered the ultimate level of futility by Jets fans. Kotite lost 28 games in 2 years and the team was generally considered non-competitive. Here is the comparison for Rex’s 25 versus Kotite’s 28:

10+ losses14+ losses20+ losses

It’s not working with Rex. It’s not working with these players. It’s not working with this coaching staff. The Jets just need a new start. If Woody Johnson is petrified about being the guy that had a coach under contract who wins a Super Bowl elsewhere, ala Bill Belichick, and that’s the holdup he has to get over that. The Jets need to be in the business of trying to win a Super Bowl and with these blend they won’t. Either build a team to Rex’s strengths or find someone that can make the Jets respectable again.

The Jets look to be a lock for one of the top 4 picks in the draft and its a must that they get it right if they want to move forward. But the Jets will just sabotage themselves if they dont look at the big picture problems with the staff and front office first and address those before making that pick.



  • buk

    I understand the frustration but i’m surprised your focus is on Ryan. Is there a game plan for 6 turnovers and lack of talent? Our front 7 on defense played as well today as the Bills front 7 which is tops in the AFC. The problem is Idzik and the overall lack of talent,despite Idzik’s desperate Harvin trade you can’t effectively address lack of talent during the season. I posted earlier that with 12 picks and millions in cap space Idzik has failed to provide 11 starting caliber defensive players on the field at one time. Allen and Walls were beat again which is a weekly occurrence because they are simply overmatched.
    Revis was traded and not pursued as a free agent the following year. Cromartie was cut in favor of Patterson so do you think those were moves Rex supported? Like free agent WR there is a list a mile long of available corners(Vontae Davis,Flowers,DRC,Revis,Shields,Bailey,Asante Samuel,Verner etc.) who the Jets did not sign in the offseason. Number 1 draft pick Pryor should be playing the strong safety position where Landry plays. There isn’t a cover safety or playmaker in the entire secondary which is why we have only 1 int in 8 games. Kyle Wilson has not had a pick since 2012.
    Yes Idzik has undermined the coach and if Rex and coaching staff pays the price i’ll accept it even though it’s unfair. However, I strongly disagree any comparison between Rex and Kotite. We went to two championship games with Rex playing Sanchez as QB. Also Revis and Cromartie’s best years in their career were in Rex’s defense so Rex didn’t all of a sudden forget how develop and coach a secondary. As for Geno, watching him play makes you think that not only is he worse than Sanchez but that Hoyer or Orton level QBs are closer to starting caliber than he will ever be.
    Honestly I don’t see how you can fairly be critical of any coaching gameplan or play calling today. Geno was missing on easy slant passes to Decker at very start of the game and 3 int in the first quarter plus 3 more turnovers basically negates any gameplan you had coming in. It’s truly sad state of affairs and what is the MOST unforgivable slap to Jet fans is our GM gets to hide out making major decisions or non decisions and never having to explain his plan which never really existed.

    • Jim

      “Honestly I don’t see how you can fairly be critical of any coaching gameplan or play calling today.”
      1. The “trick” play on the kickoff return?
      2. Single coverage to Sammy Watkins on 3rd and long, playing Hakim near the line of scrimmage expecting him to get back in time (the 85-yd play)?
      3. Chris Ivory only sees the ball once in the first 4 drives?

      There’s culpability at all levels here, players, assistant coaches, head coach, GM. If you are critical of the drafting, you have to realize the coaches have a lot of say in who is drafted (the GM has the final say). The coaches are also responsible for developing/mentoring players. And the player himself has to live up to his draft status and put in the work. So when a 4th rd pick is cut in his rookie year, it’s not all on the GM. It’s an issue for the entire organization.

      • buk

        Trick play was a terrible call but poor special team play and lack of special talent has been the norm since days of Brad Smith. The Jets secondary has been beat on 3rd and long this year in any coverage you can think because the talent is just that bad. Why does Rex feel the need to even have Hakim on defense or play a former linebacker turned safety then converted corner in Allen(who gave up the first TD). Just to drive the point home Watkins went the distance on an 8yd slant beating Walls and Pryor later in the game. Collectively as group the secondary is filled with too much inexperience and lack of talent. Orton throws career high 4tds on 10 completions for 234yds which means he averaged 20yds per completion.
        Anyone who wants to fire the coach I won’t argue but please offer up some candidates as new coach. Last year’s Jet team did not have 8 win talent and somehow we won 8 games. Given our schedule this year, lack of talent and the fact that Milliner and Patterson played one game between them at best we have 5 win talent. Is Doug Marrone a better coach than Rex? We won more games than Bills last year and they gave up two number 1 picks to get Watkins plus benched last year’s 1st rd pick to play Orton just to win NOW. How about Jeff Fisher in St. Louis? Is he better than Rex because that team can’t win and they probably have more 1st rd picks than anyone the last 4yrs. Bengals have far more offensive talent and can’t win a playoff game. Falcons have Matt Ryan and won 3 games last year and 2 so far this year. How about Philbin in Miami, is he better than Rex because Tannehill at least looks like a legit starter vs Geno and when was last time Miami went to playoffs or championship game. Lovie Smith in Tampa or Whisenhunt with Titans. Where’s our franchise QB?
        I just hope we don’t get fooled into thinking we’ll get any big time coach in here to coach this level of talent with no franchise QB into a playoff team once Rex regime is over. Also if we did get a big time coach to come here he’d want huge money and power to pick his own players so Idzik would have to go anyway.

        • McGeorge

          It will be hard to get a new coach, but Rex is damaging the team and has to go.
          I pray they don’t get a retread like Cowher or Gruden (or a Lovie Smith type).
          The problem is – any new coach will be coming into an uncertain position, the GM who hired them may be gone in a year. The personnel stink, and the team wont be competitive for years.

          Jeff Fisher? Ugh.

        • Jim

          I don’t think it’s purely a matter of who’s a “better coach”, or “worse coach”, the coach has to be a good fit for the team. I think Rex WAS an excellent fit in his first couple years with the personnel/front office he had, and now isn’t such a great fit. On top of that, he brought a freshness to a team and city that was well received when he got here, and has since worn off. I don’t think he has the buy-in of his players now (offensively), as he did when he first arrived. He wasn’t a “good coach” and is all of a sudden a “bad coach”. Frankly, Rex could use a fresh start away from the Jets as much as the Jets can from Rex. Atlanta has been mentioned, and I think that would be great for him to move into a lower-profile team with an established offense and he can bring in a new attitude on defense in a weak division. Atl could be perennial division winners with Rex at the helm, and I would be happy for him. But it’s not working in NY, and it’s pretty safe to say that it’s not going to work in NY any more.

          As for guys the Jets could bring in, I don’t know, Jon Gruden, Bill Cower, David Shaw from Stanford, Brian Kelly from Notre Dame, Gus Malzahn Auburn. Current offensive coordinators Frank Reich of SD, Goodwin from AZ, Roman of SF. There’s all sorts of guys out there, no one is a guarantee, but I think NY might be somewhat of an attractive place for an offensive-minded guy given a top 5 pick could land M. Mariotta, they already have a decent O-line and hopefully pick up a WR through FA to complement Decker and Amaro (I don’t Harvin on the roster next season). Chris Ivory is a great 2-down back, could use a 3rd down back (Powell’s contract is expiring/fairly injury prone). They are a few pieces away in the secondary from having a really great defense (and they are young too). And have the cap dollars next year to fill some of these gaps.

          As I’ve said before, I’d love to see them trade for a mid-rd QB of the past couple years that hasn’t gotten a chance to play and really has no hopes to beyond a franchise QB, like Ryan Nassib with the Giants for a 4th rd pick. A draft like Amari Cooper in the 1st rd, Brett Hundley in the 2nd, sit Hundley for a year, see what Nassib can do over a full season and either make the switch or not in 2016 depending on what you see. You look at Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Romo. Know what they have in common? They didn’t start in their rookie seasons. If you draft a QB, let him learn the NFL for a year. Even Manning, Luck, Wilson, those guys started their rookie seasons after being 4-year starters in college in pro-style offenses. Most QBs are coming out as juniors in spread offense. Sanchez was a 1.5 year starter. Geno Smith a 3 year starter in a spread/option offense. I hope, hope, hope the Jets have learned from this.

  • ThatNewYorkJetsBlog

    The problem with firing Rex is that whoever you replace him with is not going to be better than Rex. It could easily take another 25 years for the Jets to land another HC with Rex’s upside. Is it that important to make a change that that should be thrown away, when we know that the GM did not do his best to field a competitive team?

    If Idzik fires Rex, he is rumored to be looking at the Seahawks’ DC. Rex is considered the best defensive mind in the NFL, so it seems idiotic to replace him with an inferior defensive coach.

    I would much rather see the Jets take whatever exciting / innovative offense-oriented HC is out there, someone who can coach up a QB. But if they want a defense-oriented coach, I just don’t understand how replacing the best one with an inferior one could possibly help the team.

    • McGeorge

      I agree with you

      >> would much rather see the Jets take whatever exciting / innovative offense-oriented HC is out there, someone who can coach up a QB. But if they want a defense-oriented coach, I just don’t understand how replacing the best one with an inferior one could possibly help the team.

      I don’t want to change the HC for the sake of change. I want someone effective.
      I wonder how long Woody gives Idzik.

    • I have three issues with Rex. The biggest one is I dont think you can build a competent passing offense with him as the head coach. Maybe Sanchez had minimal talent. It sure looks like Geno has none. Either way coaches in the NFL do not get multiple chances with QBs. At some point you need to question if the staff can develop the players or not.

      Secondly the amount of blowout losses the team suffers is not just about lack of talent. Its about lack or preparation and preparedness. The Jets talent is awful this year but it wasnt the prior two. And the disparity between the Jets and the rest of the NFL should not be so large that we are so non-competitive when we lose games. I dont look at Rex like I did Herm in that the coaching staff is costing us multiple games with the approach and boneheaded decisions but there are things that the Jets just dont seem to be doing leading up to the games.

      Finally I dont know many GMs that are going to be able to work with Rex. I do think more and more GM candidates are going to lean towards a somewhat similar philosophy as Idzik and I just dont see Rex doing well with that. The minute the Jets stopped adding veteran talent to the team the team began a downward spiral. People ran Tannenbaum out of here because of how he ran the team from 2008-2012, but that is what Rex needs. Its a high risk strategy but I its the one that worked with Rex. The Jets would be a better team right now if they never let Tannenbaum go. Unless you bring in that type of GM its simply not going to work.

      • buk

        I hope Jason comments on Idzik’s press conference today because after hearing that I rest my case as to where the majority of the blame resides. For anyone who listens to that call with Idzik there is no way in the world you can allow him to hire the next coach. If Woody is willing to get rid of Rex then the best thing for the organization is fire Idzik as well and hire a reputable football GM.
        Without having to inherit a coach plus a top 10 draft pick with significant cap room it should be an attractive job. I still support going after Polian and his son who ran a professional organization for 10yrs working under what we now know was an owner with serious issues. I want someone with years of experience running a draft, scouting, history in dealing with player agents and other GMs, experience with talented coaches and coordinators and someone who can close a deal as well as communicate their “plan” to the fan base.
        If that is too much to ask Woody might as well bring back both Idzik and Rex next year.

      • ThatNewYorkJetsBlog

        Interesting points.. I don’t necessarily disagree (though I’d note that only 2 of the Jets’ losses this year were blowouts – the other 6 games have been close, and the Jets only won one of them.)

        If you think your franchise QB is in the draft then you do want another HC to coach him up. But I don’t think you want that to be Seattle’s DC. I’d much rather have the guy who is turning Russell Wilson into a star, rather than some defensive guru who will be less of a guru than Rex Ryan. That’s my main gripe with the rumors I’m reading.

        As an aside, I think if you put Rex Ryan on Atlanta, he can have them contending for Super Bowls within 2 years.

      • buk

        I have to disagree the point disparity in the Jet losses the last few years is about coaching. Sanchez and Geno Smith led the league in overall turnovers and pick 6 interceptions the last 2 and half years. Turning the ball over like that leads to losses that spiral out of control.
        Off the top of my head the Jets have not scored a special team TD in the last 3yrs. No kickoff returns, no punt returns or punts blocked for TDs over a 3yr period. Under Idzik we’ve entered the last two seasons without legit kickoff and punt returner on the team. When you can’t generate ANY TDs on special teams or win the field position battle by being able to field and return a punt it contributes to greater point differential in losses and narrow victories.
        Then there is the defense which recorded fewer takeaways each of the last 3 seasons. Ever since Revis went down with ACL tear 3yrs ago our secondary which included a HOF player and borderline pro bowler in Cromartie has been decimated. Antonio Cromartie has more picks for Arizona than the entire Jet defense this year. If you can’t generate turnovers for your offense you are going to lose games by a wide margin.
        Jason it is not a coaching problem but a lack of talent. Idzik did not address cornerbacks or special teams and it is killing the jets especially in close games. He brought in Jacoby Ford and Saunders to return kicks and punts and both are off the team. Remember Kyle Wilson,fair catch Kerley Cribbs, Hakim,Saunders, Powell, back to fair catch Kerley and finally Harvin returning punts and kickoffs just in the last 2yrs. A GMs job is to put competent talent on the team in all 3 phases in order for coaches to do their job. Idzik drafted Geno to replace a turnover prone Sanchez. Then as you stated Idzik targeted a turnover prone veteran in Vick to back up Geno. Even with no corners to 6 turnover solely attributed to the QBs Idzik brought in for that game to turn into a blowout. Maybe all coaches should go, but the flaws in how this team was put together are so apparent. 16 million contract to Kerley and we get 2 catches, 2 drops and a few fair catches which is just enough inconsistency to question why extend THAT particular in-season when you were 1 and 6.

      • I follow Jason’s blog regularly, and even though I’m a Bronco fan, I’m also somebody who writes for newspapers, and something Jets fans should keep in mind is this: The NY media scrutinizes its teams so much that a GM must be careful what moves he makes, not simply because he wants to make the right move for the team, but because he doesn’t want to make a move that gives the NY media something to blow out of proportion.

        Case in point: MIchael Vick is a big name player, even though his best days are behind him. Signing him immediately gave the NY media the excuse it needed to play “QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY!” I don’t think it’s the sole reason Geno Smith is struggling, but it’s a factor no doubt going through his mind. Combine that media pressure with lacking certain traits (which is true of Geno) and what may be a lack of proper coaching (a question worth asking about with Geno and the Jets) and you have a situation that won’t have a good outcome.

        I’m sure certain NY media folks will talk a lot about high-profile free agents the Jets could sign, given that they have a lot of cap space to work with. The problem is that if you sign the big names, you draw those unreasonable expectations from the NY media. In other words, the Jets should not hope that somebody like Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas isn’t re-signed by their current teams, or that Darrelle Revis will come back home, or that it’s time to throw money at Brandon Flowers, or that they need to trade for a young QB that causes the NY media to start talking about said QB needs to WIN NOW.

        Instead, be honest with the NY media that you need to rebuild… the media will grumble and some fans won’t like it, but they’ll eventually get over it if you aren’t leading them to believe you can win now. Whoever you hire as a coach, he makes it clear they need to rebuild, but that the goal is to become a team that will regularly contend for the playoffs.

        From there, stick to lower-profile signings in free agency… and by that, I don’t mean fringe players, but talented players who just don’t make the headlines often. An example: As a Bronco fan, I can tell you that cornerback Chris Harris is a guy few in the media, outside of Denver, pay attention to, but he is one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL and, given that the Broncos are focusing on re-signing other players, he will likely be available. He won’t come at a ridiculously high price, he’s a player entering the prime of his career who isn’t simply a system guy, and because he’s not considered a “top name” at his position, his signing won’t generate the massive amount of hype that Revis would.

        As for a quarterback, it’s best if the Jets sign a QB who doesn’t have “name value” for one reason or another, and is clearly there to be a veteran who will mentor a youngster… meaning you don’t sign Carson Palmer (he’ll likely want to start) or Matt Flynn (the storyline is right there for the NY media) or Jake Locker (you don’t want a reclamation project). Look at Matt Moore or Tarvaris Jackson instead… the type of QB that is more likely to generate a shrug from the NY media than a massive storyline. Then draft a QB in the first or second round, and find a taker for Geno Smith, getting a late-round pick in 2016.

        You won’t get the NY media to stay silent, but the best way to contain the NY media is to not give them too much to feed on, and especially not doing something that cause the media to trip over itself for a storyline. That’s exactly what happened with Vick, and that’s what will happen if Revis is brought back.

        • This is such an excellent point and one of Idziks biggest problems. Idzik took the Jets overnight from being a pretty transparent operation to a complete closed ship. Its why the media turned on him before last summer and the record was the only thing that kept people quiet. They pounced as soon as any moves were made this year and as soon as the team faltered especially since Idzik did not communicate anything with anyone.

          That press conference is why he was a bad fit for here. That stuff simply doesnt fly. I have no idea how Woody could have spoken with him and thought he was a good fit for NY. None whatsoever.

          Ive echoed the same thing on Idzik in regards to being honest about rebuilding. If he said what Gettleman does in Carolina or even what Tannenbaum said here in 2006 and 2007 he would get a lot more leeway. Fans in general are pretty smart and the negative points usually come out of the hardcore people like myself and those who comment on a blog like this and then become mainstream talking points. Instead he just talks competition, how great the effort and players are, challenging for the playoffs and a master plan nobody knows anything about. He had a chance to open up yesterday and steer the ship in his favor. He couldnt even be honest and say things didnt work so we did see an opportunity in Harvin to make up for some mistakes. He just kept up with the same old garbage. Hes a smart guy so its amazing that he could be so blind as to what people need to hear.

    • Jim

      Coaching is more than X’s and O’s. I agree with Jason that Rex Ryan can’t work with (properly motivate) a young team. The offense on bad games looks completely apathetic, you need a coach that can get under the skin of a player and bring out the best in them, both offense and defense. He can do that on defense, and he can’t with offensive players, it’s that simple. Look at Jon Gruden with the Bucs. He’s an offensive guy, who took over a great defense, was able to maintain the great defense through his assistant coaches, motivate them, and brought the offense up to a point where they could be a SB caliber team, and they went out and won the whole thing.

      Ultimately I think they were undone by injuries, aging, some poor FA moves and of course giving up as much as they did to Oakland to get Gruden, but they won a SB out of it.

      I would love to see the Jets go get Gruden and Raheem Morris, grab a couple new QB’s and see what they can do.

      The Seahawks DC would be very odd in my opinion, because the schemes/personnel are so different. Seahawks D is all about speed, Jets D is all about power, sure tackling. Seattle has a great secondary to cover its average, but speedy front 7, Jets have a great but slow front 7 and terrible secondary. I have no idea what the plan would be in this scenario.

  • buk

    forgot to add Vick needs to start next week solely because of Marty’s ability to scheme with Vick(like with Eagles) to generate TDs not field goals in the red zone. Vick is also a turnover machine but he apparently still has the ability (not the durability) to balance his turnovers by making plays with his legs. I’d really love to see a week with Marty able to gameplan around Vick,Harvin and Decker to see if we can put a competent offense on the field next week.

  • McGeorge

    >>Revis was traded and not pursued as a free agent the following year.

    The trade was excellent – getting a #1 and $4 for one year of Revis’s service, then his contract is up.

    I’m not so sure the Jets could have gotten him this year. He probably would have used teh Jets as a bargaining chip, without intending to come back. With the Pats its just a 1 year deal. Probably Woody and Idzik didn’t want to deal with him or his agents as well, since they are all head aches. I don’t have any problems with not getting Revis back.

    DRC is way overpaid in a long term deal, it was smart not to get him.
    Pass on : ,Bailey and Asante Samuel
    As for Flowers or Verner, I was hoping they would get one of them.

    I agree with your general premise that Idzik needs to absorb a lot of the blame.

    But Rex still needs to go, he is a great DC, but not a good HC. Rex interfereses with the offense (all those stupid wildcat plays in the past), and damages the QB development.

    Rex goes this year, when does Idzik go?
    I assume he gets 2015. But what if it’s another busted draft class?
    Is Calvin Pryor a good #1 pick? He plays like what I’d expect out of a #2 or #3, though it’s early. Amaro is fine for a #2.

  • Tyler Ferree

    The biggest issue is that as things stand there are 3players on the entire roster that can be used to build around, wilkerson (who needs a new deal), nick mangold (who needs his cap number adjusted), and richardson. Really who else is there, amaro has flashed but has hardly set the world ablaze and is a rookie, decker is a solid number two but isn’t a true foundation piece, couples is physically gifted but the motor questions remain, ivory is excellent after contact but is anually injured and he can only do so much if the line in front of him sucks. Idziks drafting has been poor at best, the jets need to gut the front office and coaching staff and spend the offseason trying to get some foundation peices (ogbuhegi or peat with their top pick perhaps).

  • Harlan Lachman

    Jason, your point about the type of players Rex succeeds and fails with is interesting. Regardless of letting Rex go, if Idzik is the GM, the Jets will not get it right. Unless Idzik was willing to right off this year in order get rid of Rex (in which case he has been successful), Idzik must assume full responsibility for the debacles. First his pick the Qb and not upgrading after last year. That should be enough because in this league, if you have the wrong QB… Second, the DBs. I am glad we did not overpay Revis. But not replacing him or Cromartie with competent players, some recent FA excelling elsewhere with a pressure D is criminal. The guards and Giacomini (presents from Idzik) have weakened the OL to eliminate a consistent ground game against good defenses. The WR and TE may develop but Nelson a starter?

    Rex may deserve to go. But Idzik should lead him out the door. As a Jet fan since the early 60s, most of the problems are GM based. Woody botched the big call. Not the HC.

  • Jim

    I don’t want to see Geno or Vick again next season. Geno’s best games are “pretty good”, and make up 33% of his starts (Buff, Atl, Oak, Cle, Mia last season, Oak, Den, NE this year), of which the Jets are able to win most of, and for the most part are against pretty poor defenses. His bad games are truly awful, not only giving his team zero chance to win, but also assuring a deflating, humiliating blowout. This has happened 8 times in 24 games (Ten, Pitt, Cin, Buf, Bal, Mia last season, SD, Buf this year), 33% of his starts over the course of 1.5 seasons. While he’s always had below average weapons, there’s no excuse that his bad games make me long for Browning Nagle.

    As discouraging as Geno was yesterday, I was probably even more frustrated with Vick. The end results of his play weren’t terrible, and in fact, it’s conceivable that the Jets may have won the game if Vick started, as they lost by 20, and were in a 14 point hole when he took over. Other than the two long plays to Watkins, the Jets defense virtually dominated the Bills, which is an odd thing to say after a 43-23 loss, but there’s no other way to interpret it. The Bills had 15 drives yesterday, and drive #2 through 12 (11 total), they generated 125 yards of offense, 84 of which came on one play. Utter defensive dominance, even in a game which the officials seemed to have gotten together ahead of time and decided never to call offensive holding no matter how obvious. Back to Vick, he was completely unprepared to play and the commentators had no choice but to point it out. Multiple times turning around the wrong way on handoffs, not going through his progressions correctly, completely careless with the ball (4 fumbles in 3 quarters!) is inexcusable at this level and certainly at his salary. This is the look of a guy, with tremendous talent, just looking to collect a paycheck at this point of his career. He was able to make some plays with shear talent, but that’s about all we got from Vick yesterday and probably what to expect going forward.

    Unbelievable, the Jets QBs should have turned it over at total of 8 times yesterday (NFL record?), with a Vick interception being overturned by replay where McKelvin just barely couldn’t hold on to the ball as he fell, and a Vick fumble being negated because the refs incorrectly called him down on a play near his own end zone.

    I doubt it will happen, but I would not mind seeing Vick cut, and promoting Matt Simms from the practice squad to start. He’s short on talent, but whenever the guy is in, he looks like he wants to be there, and he teammates respect him as a guy who works hard and has the right attitude, which is more than you can say about Vick.

    Going forward, in my opinion, regardless of the Jets GM or HC or OC next year, you get on the phone and trade a mid-rd pick for a guy like Ryan Nassib, Matt Barkely, Brock Osweiler, Landry Jones, Tom Savage, David Fales, etc. A mid-round guy from the last 3 years draft who has never gotten a chance to start, stuck behind a franchise QB. Then you draft a QB in the first 2 Rd make the rookie sit for a year and see what you have with your traded for QB. If he doesn’t look your guy after a year, you go with your drafted QB. None of this journeyman/veteran/mentor 35-yr old QB who might get you one or two more wins now, but has no long-term future on your team.

  • buk

    The most surprising thing about Idzik’s press conference yesterday was his inability put a positive spin on his performance in any way. This is NYC and when finally step forth in front of the media your prepared remarks better be able to reassure the Jet fans. I’m glad he said he feels our pain and that he took some responsibility but there was a strong case to be made and he didn’t make it.
    For starters Geno is a 2nd rd pick on a rookie contract under the new CBA so Geno’s failures did not cripple us for years to come. Idzik could have made the case that he every contract he has signed has been very team friendly with low guarantees affording the Jets the flexibility to change course very quickly. So as bad as Idzik has been the team is in a position to make drastic changes through free agency and draft picks they did not trade away like the previous GM. Vick and Chris Johnson can be cut with no dead money hitting our cap(?) in offseason. We have 12 mil in dead money coming off cap from Holmes,Cromartie and Sanchez next year. We can keep or cut Harvin with no hit to our cap going forward. Idzik spoke highly of Harris so I think we’ll be able to bring him back at a reduced salary.
    So a ton of holes but a full complement of draft picks and salary cap space to address those needs if he is active. Number one hole to fill is a veteran bridge QB in free agency who is under 30 even if we draft a QB in the first 3 rds next year. Hoyer or Stanton are QBs i’m looking at who both have some years in the league who have shown more poise than Geno and are not turnover machines. Basically a Kyle Orton type but under 30yrs old and I believe we can sign a Hoyer/Stanton type QB for 4 to 6 million per year if you give them chance to start. Sign a proven corner and draft another corner and maybe you have an adequate secondary with Pryor,Milliner and McDougle all hopefully healthy.
    Resign Wilkerson and keep rest of D-Line together for another year. Also I think it’s time to sign a guard who can replace Colon and draft an O-lineman in the first two rds. Obviously the O-Line needs a lot of work over the next 2yrs.