Jets Get Slaughtered by the Bills


Time for my quick jump into Jets related stuff after a 20 point loss to the Bills…

I think at this point its fair to say that the Jets have reached Kotite levels as they are sitting at 1-7 with no quarterback, no offense, and no hope.

The Jets finally benched Geno Smith who looked like he was completely lost on the field and that his mind was in a totally different place.  Im not sure Ive seen a stretch of plays as bad as the ones Smith had on the field. 3 turnovers. Passes all over the field. A blown timeout because he couldnt hear a play. It was scab level play and he would be cut if he was a 6th round pick after a game like this.

There was nothing in the way he played or the way they called the game that seemed like a coherent effort like the Jets showed last week against the Patriots. There was no attempt made to establish the line of scrimmage and get the running game going. There was no physicality in the game at all. It was as if everything positive that came out of last weeks effort was completely forgotton by the Jets coaching staff.Following the game Rex Ryan and backup Mike Vick, who was also careless with the fotball, said they had great weeks of practice. If thats the result from a great week of practice I’d hate to see what a bad week of practice looks like.

I am a firm believer that if you put Ryan out there as a coach of a veteran team his is going to be a playoff contender, but this isnt that team and he is not the coach the Jets need for a full rebuild and its a big reason why the team has just gone sideways for three years.  The fact is they simply do not compete when they are outclassed, which is becoming more and more common with the roster as poorly constructed as it is.

Ryan’s Jets have now lost 25 games in the last 2.5 years. Of those losses 10 have been by at least 20 points. I dont know what the numbers are around the NFL, but 40% of your losses coming by that number seems absurd. Kotite is usually considered the ultimate level of futility by Jets fans. Kotite lost 28 games in 2 years and the team was generally considered non-competitive. Here is the comparison for Rex’s 25 versus Kotite’s 28:

10+ losses14+ losses20+ losses

It’s not working with Rex. It’s not working with these players. It’s not working with this coaching staff. The Jets just need a new start. If Woody Johnson is petrified about being the guy that had a coach under contract who wins a Super Bowl elsewhere, ala Bill Belichick, and that’s the holdup he has to get over that. The Jets need to be in the business of trying to win a Super Bowl and with these blend they won’t. Either build a team to Rex’s strengths or find someone that can make the Jets respectable again.

The Jets look to be a lock for one of the top 4 picks in the draft and its a must that they get it right if they want to move forward. But the Jets will just sabotage themselves if they dont look at the big picture problems with the staff and front office first and address those before making that pick.