Jets Extend WR Jeremy Kerley for 4 Years, $16 Million


According to multiple outlets the Jets and wide receiver Jeremy Kerley have agreed to a four year contract extension worth $16 million with $5.4 million of the contract guaranteed.

The reported numbers put Kerley right below recent contracts signed by Julian Edelman ($4.25M per year) and Doug Baldwin ($4.33M). The total dollar figure and guarantee seem to indicate a contract very similar to the one signed by Andre Roberts with the Washington Redskins at $16 million with a $5.25 million guarantee.

I would assume Kerley’s $5.4 million guarantee is a true guarantee and not a combination of full and injury only guarantees based on the other contracts. Kerley’s salary this season was $1.431 million following his earning of the Proven Performance Escalator, and if I had to venture a guess would imagine is now guaranteed. That would leave a signing bonus in the region of $4-$4.6 million depending on how much, if any is guaranteed, in 2015.  Regardless the cap hits on the contract should be very reasonable for the Jets.

Kerley is one of the few bright spots in recent years on the Jets. He developed nicely since being drafted in 2011 into the best receiver on the team and I believe would have put up very strong numbers on a better offense. Following the trade  for Percy Harvin I had assumed that it would have meant the end for Kerley in Jet green, but the front office must believe the two can complement each other in the office.



  • Jim

    Nice move, I think this deal works out for both sides. I think this also puts a little pressure on Harvin, as he will have to perform to keep his current contract or make the best of a new one with NY. If he was thinking he’s a shoo-in to be on the Jets roster next year, he shouldn’t any more.

  • ThatNewYorkJetsBlog

    Yes! I knew they wouldn’t let Kerley go!

    Kerley’s great in the slot, but Harvin can easily play on the outside. Line Decker & Harvin on the outsides, Kerley in the slot, Amaro at TE, and Ivory in the backfield. That’s a solid group.

    I’m guessing that after Harvin was signed, Kerley / his agent assumed, like you, that the trade meant Kerley would be gone after the season. If Harvin breaks out, then between him and Decker, Kerley would wind up with pretty unimpressive stats and therefore a bad negotiating position. After 4 years of low salaries (by NFL standards), maybe he saw what happened to Dustin Keller during his “prove-it” contract with the Dolphins and wanted to avoid that risk.

    Suddenly, Kerley was willing to lock in a deal for reasonably good money, and get real guaranteed money. His agent stopped posturing for $5.5m/yr or whatever, and started actual serious negotiations.

    From Idzik’s perspective, he’s feeling the heat from the Jets’ terrible season. Maybe he was hoping to lowball Kerley and get him for $3m/yr after the season, but with all of the bad press and speculation about his job security, his calculus has changed. He’s now willing to strike fair deals, rather than press for team-friendly deals and wait for the end of the season. He is simply not willing to risk losing a reliable weapon during 2015, with his career on the line.

  • mike jones

    I like what the jets are doing. this is highly unusual.

  • buk

    Since Jason didn’t touch on the timing of this move I guess i’ll be the skeptical one. We lose a heartbreaker to the Patriots and now Idzik whose approach was described by agents as “glacial” in the offseason signs Harvin and Kerley in last few days??? Idzik appears to have learned doing nothing or the appearance of doing next to nothing is a recipe to get fired in NYC.
    While I like both moves i’d feel better if we locked up Snacks before he hits free agency because Wilkerson contract is a given at this point. Yes he is not a 3rd and long D-lineman but he has emerged as one the best run stuffers in the league. It’ll be too expensive to franchise Snacks and it’s obvious we are about to part ways with Kenrick Ellis at end of the year. Keeping Snacks,Wilkerson,Richardson and even Coples together in their prime can anchor our defense for years.
    Ryan managed to get 20 sacks out of this group this year when years ago we had no pass rush. We keep our D-Line intact we are a good corner or two from a potential dominant defense imo.

    • Jim

      Harrison is a restricted free agent after the year, so there’s no real hurry on him. Give him a 1st rd tender of about $3m, and I doubt anyone will even present an offer sheet to him. If they do, Jets decline, resign Ellis for cheaper than Harrison and pick up the first rd pick. (Ellis + 1st Rd pick > Harrison, IMO)

      But he’ll likely sign the 1 year tender and have the next 12 months to work out a long-term deal.

      • buk

        Didn’t know he was restricted so what you said makes a lot of sense. Reminds me of leverage the Giants had on Cruz. So much riding on how Geno plays the next 9 games. If he plays well and we win 5 to 6 games i’d bring both Idzik and Rex back for another year with goal of 9 to 10 wins and a playoff appearance.
        If we have to draft another QB do we want Idzik or Rex involved in that decision? Probably not. Geno plays well enough to go into next year as starter maybe we can pick up Jake Locker or Matt Moore type to back him up because I don’t see Vick(or Chris Johnson) on the roster next year. You can finally see the cracks in NE with an aging Brady that you’d hate to start all over when their finally vulnerable in the AFC East

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  • Tyler Ferree

    I look at this as a reminer to harvin as much as anything, while harvin can play outside the numbers a little bit he best used in the slot, meanwhile kerley is a pure slot receiver. I suspect that if geno plays well the rest of the way but harvin doesn’t essentially set the world on fire the jets will dump him and possibly make a run at dez bryant, (dalas is only 3 million under the projected cap for next year and dumping doug free will only get them another 7, meanwhile i don’t see them dumping henry melton scince his contract as a whole is pretty damn reasonable the cowboys will have some trouble keeping dez allong with melton and mclain).

    • buk

      Dez will be expensive and I think the Cowboys would franchise him before they let him walk. I believe both Dez and Murray are free agents but if one had to go it would be the running back. Then again their owner will likely stay in salary cap hell rather than lose either player and hurt that potent offense. I’d like the Jets to draft best available O-Lineman(tackle) in next year’s draft. It’s time, Mangold and Ferguson are getting old on big contracts and i’d like to move on from Colon next year. Winters is a huge question mark as well at Left G, how Oday performs the rest of the season is key.

      • Tyler Ferree

        I’d say mangold gets a slight haircut, and brick get a bigger one. The issue in dallas is even if they cut melton, free, and mackenzie bernadeau they will get up to 21 million free space but the reciver tag is looking to be worth about 13 million, that would leave them with 8 ,illion to resign mclain, murray, sign their draft class and fill out their roster plus you want a few million for in season transactions, they won’t have the space unless they can sign dez to a long term heavilly back loaded deal before free agency opens they probably won’t be able to keep him.

        As for the other line issues, i’d say if they keep geno go with one of the top tackles and play him at right tackle as a rookie and move him to left tackle in 2016 move giacomini inside to guards and let aobushi and dakota dozier duke it out for the other guard spot.

      • McGeorge

        If the salary cap goes up again, the’ll be able to keep Dez.
        The problem with the Jets getting Dez is who’s going to throw the ball to him accurately?
        This past Sunday Tony Romo made some nice passes that he hauled in. If Geno can’t make those passes, then it’s wasted money.

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