An Introduction to Reality Sports Online Fantasy Football

A few weeks ago Matt and Stephen from Reality Sports Online reached out to me about their very innovative Fantasy Football platform and I really thought it was impressive so I figured I would help get the word out about what they are offering.

RSO has created a year round fantasy platform that puts you in full control of a team as if you are a real general manager of an NFL team. The game itself starts with a the NFL auction room where you and the other teams in your league will bid on every player in the NFL.  Each team plays within the real constraints of the salary cap and you are limited to a number of multi year contracts such that the free agent pool continues to be filled year after year. You can try this out in their mock auction room to see how it operates, but essentially it condenses a real free agent period into 4 hours with your friends playing GM while their system plays the role of agent and identifies acceptable offers.

Later in the offseason you get to work your way to the NFL draft where the draft picks are slotted against the salary cap figures such that you have to find ways to blend them into your team structure. After that you deal with everything an NFL team does including injured players, waivers, and the need to cut players. And of course anyone you cut is going to have salary cap consequences down the line. You can customize many of your leagues settings in regards to rosters, contracts, and scoring or just join a public league that best fits your needs.

All in all this is probably the most hardcore dynasty football league you can participate in. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you have a passion for the NFL and can commit the time this is as close as you can get right now to being a GM and then watching the results unfold in real time in regards to your roster and salary cap situation. RSO will be re-opening their leagues for action as soon as the salary cap is officially set.

The cost for each team is $9.99 and if you use promo code OTC10 you will get a 10% discount.

Im sure Ill post more about this during the offseason but if there is enough interest in doing an OTC league we can try that out .

Check out Reality Sports Fantasy Football!