Introducing the Salary Cap Calculator (and myself)


Hi everyone! My name is Nick and I’ve long been a fan of football in general (and in particular, the Denver Broncos). Among several aspects that I enjoy following are the contracts and salary cap of the NFL, and in that vein it was wonderful when I discovered Over The Cap earlier in the year and came to appreciate the hard work that Jason has done to collect data for the entire league. I quickly realized that what was contained here could be a key piece to developing a tool that I had yearned for quite some time: a way to act as a fictional general manager and see what effect signings, cuts, restructures, and other transactions would have on a team’s existing roster, all in respect to the team’s salary cap.

Thanks to plenty of collaboration with Jason, I was able to bring my idea to fruition here on OTC via the Salary Cap Calculator. Using this tool, you will be able to see the outlook for the future of all 32 teams, including a listing of all contracted players, dead money, and pending free agents. Then, you will be able to execute transactions of your choice to see how the move impact’s the team’s cap situation.

It is my hope that the Salary Cap Calculator will continue the excellent efforts of OTC to demystify the complex workings of the NFL’s salary cap, and that fans of the league will learn and understand what teams have to do in order to build and manage successful rosters. It should also serve as some clarity when you hear media reports of when teams are in cap trouble, or why certain players are in danger of being cut. Since this tool is just now being released, as more people use it I will certainly appreciate any feedback on improvements or if there are any bugs that need ironing out.

You may visit the Salary Cap Calculator here.

My goal is to continue to find ways to improve the operation and resources of OTC, both up front and behind the scenes, to continue to further the mission of making this site the most comprehensive place to go for NFL contract and salary cap knowledge on the internet. I’m quite happy to be here to contribute!