Introducing Our New Financial Reports


With the NFL season about to kick off I wanted to launch some new graphical features that I think will bring some value to the readers and users of the website. As always our salary cap database is not 100% accurate but we do our best to do a fair representation of the cap positions for each team and always welcome any comments or information to help maintain the data in the best possible format. Onto the new charts…

Our Team Financial Report details a team’s spending from year to year for quick views of the changes you may expect from your favorite team.  Charts are broken down into overall spending and spending by unit (offense, defense, and special teams) upon the initial team selection. To add some perspective player counts are included along the way.  The charts are interactive so that each unit can be selected to further break down the spending  by position and then by player. Clicking on a player will take you to his personal report.

We present three views for the data, which can be selected by clicking on the button for the respective view. :

Salary cap– This is the default setting and will load charts based on the forecast salary cap numbers for each team.  These are the accounting numbers that teams must comply with each season

Annual Value– This is the sum of the APY of the players under contract in each season. While cap numbers are manipulated the annual value gives a better idea of how much teams are investing per player and what the worth of the players may be to a team.

Total Value– This sums up the total contract value of a player. While contracts are rarely played to completion this gives a better idea of how deep teams are really going on a player.

The Team Comparison Reports allows you to compare teams’ payrolls for the 2013 NFL season under the salary cap, annual and total value views described above. The graphs begin with comparisons of offense, defense, and special teams which you can further drill down into positions and finally players. In addition we offer a comparison to league average spending per unit and position so you can see just how much more or less your team is investing to the average league investment. You’ll notice that we combined some positions to try to take into account the difference in 34 and 43 defenses. It’s not perfect but is a bit better than comparing 34DE’s and 43DE’s, which have wildly different spending expectations.  I’m not in love with marrying the 43OLB and DT to make the numbers work, but its a start. At the very least it should make a nice weekly financial matchup for Sundays games.

Finally we have Player Financial Reports. These reports will be available from a players page as well as through the report menu and other interactive charts. These charts will detail the yearly cap, dead money charges and contract values for each player.  Clicking on a year will break down the composition of the contract into P5, signing bonus, etc…as well as percentage of team salary cap being spent on the player in a given year. Because I don’t have team data before 2013 this feature only works when clicking on 2013 and beyond. In  the right panel we present the total, annual, and guaranteed value of the contracts compared to the NFL league average for the position. I’ll preload this to a player when clicked. This week its Peyton Mannig, but each week I’ll change it to a different player.

I’m sure there will be some quirks and bugs when using the charts so whenever you encounter something that doesn’t work or may not make sense send me an email and I’ll do my best to fix it. In the meantime have some fun with it.