Introducing OTC’s Draft Resources Page


With the offseason now in session for 30 of the 32 NFL teams, the grand majority of people are now interested into looking toward the 2015 season.  As always, an integral part of the offseason is the draft.  Here at OTC, I’m proud to introduce two aspects of the draft that I feel will be quite useful for those among us that follow contracts and the salary cap with added interest:

  • Estimates for each team’s rookie pool in 2015, the amount of cap money that they can be expected to devote to signing their entire draft class, barring future trades.  Current trades and draft order have been taken into account–you can click on each team to see which picks they currently. (And don’t worry, Patriots fans: if the Pats win the Super Bowl the order will be changed accordingly–the current order is not a prediction but arises from a strength of schedule tiebreaker.)
  • Projections on the compensatory draft picks that will be awarded some time in March.  This has implications for the cap situation for some teams, as their rookie pool will increase with the benefit of having additional draft picks.  But my goal is to also provide a valuable resource for all those interested in the draft in general and not just with the financial aspects.

You may view OTC’s draft page here, and a link has also been added to the dashboard. As always, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.  (Though I would ask that for a greater chance of response, if you have questions specifically about the 2015 compensatory pick projection, that you comment directly in the post on the subject here, or respond to me via the contact form.)