Introducing New Features At Over The Cap

With free agency only a few days away, OTC is preparing for the event by providing readers with new and updated content to help assist in furthering knowledge toward how NFL contracts and the salary cap operate.  Hop behind the fold to learn more.

  • A new front page. This is the change that you probably first noticed.  The front page now uses less real estate for articles, and more for key information that will assist you throughout free agency.  Among the features include:
    • A listing of the most recent high-profile free agent signings.  Currently, you’ll see several extensions from back in 2016, but those will quickly be displaced by the new deals that are struck in the coming days and weeks.
    • A carousel of the six most recent articles published, plus a search bar to find older articles with more ease.
    • The top current contracts at some of the highest-paid positions in the league.
    • The top 12 teams in cap space and 2017 free agency spending.
  • OTC Advanced Features.
    • As you are already aware, Jason and Vijay have issued the outstanding book Crunching Numbers, which is a must-have for those looking for a handy reference to understand NFL contracts and the salary books.
    • OTC is also also excited to offer a new premium section. With a modest subscription, you’ll be given access to advanced contract tools and views to help take your understanding to the next level.
    • OTC is also now offering a consulting service to provide an even higher level of insight toward the NFL contract process.
  • Technical support contact form. With so many new additions in place, it’s a goal to keep them all running to their best potential.  If something is not working as it should (anywhere on OTC, not just with these new additions), or if you have other ideas for what could make the site better, do not hesitate to submit what you see to this technical support contact form. You can access this form from the dashboard by clicking on the blue, circular technical support icon.

We hope you enjoy these new features, and wish you a happy new league year!