#StayClassyBuffalo: IK Enempkali signed by Buffalo Bills

There is a certain level of unease that I just got from the realization that IK Enemkpali just got signed by Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills as they are, obviously, in the Jets division. It reminds me of the disgusting feeling that I had when LeGarrette Blount threw a temper tantrum in Pittsburgh and then was rewarded with a Super Bowl ring on a Patriots team that he had just left during the 2014 offseason.

The fact that someone like Enemkpali could punch the starting quarterback of one team, break the guys jaw and then be signed by another team in the division just feels wrong.

It’s just my two cents, so don’t take this as some kind of conspiracy theory, but no matter how good Rex Ryan thinks the player is, there’s a level of decorum that an NFL coach and organization should have.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Do you think there is anything that the NFL could or should do about this?

But to paraphrase the greatest news man of our day, Ron Burgundy, you stay classy Buffalo.

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  • David J. Kubik

    I disagree with you, from all accounts I have heard, Geno Smith skipped out on the camp and left his teammate hanging, said he would pay him back and didn’t, lied about why he missed the camp, when IK confronted Geno about it Geno put his finger on IK’s face and said “do something about it,” and IK did something about it…

    This story shouldn’t be about IK punching Geno in the face; it should be about the disrespect Geno showed his teammate. Chris Carter is 100% right, when he says it is a lack of leadership on Geno’s part. Geno is supposed to be the teams leader bringing them together, instead he was tearing the team apart. I personally think Geno was being bully.

    I don’t condone what IK did, but we have all been in that situation where someone is bullying us, and we feel out of options.

  • buk

    Also must disagree. This incident confirms all the lack of leadership reports we heard about Geno in college.
    -sulking moody in college, coaches said no leadership
    -dropped to 2nd rd in draft with reports he was texting constantly on phone during pre draft team visits.
    -when not drafted in 1st rd he said he was going home only to change his mind and stay for 2nd rd. Then he fired his agent for Jay Z firm.
    -had to be removed from plane for an incident about headphones
    -missed pre game meeting because he claimed he was at movies
    -now you miss attending a teammate’s camp then say you will reimburse the teammate and don’t which is absurd. Bart Scott said this morning the team locker room has an ATM inside and Geno is set to make 1.7mil this year.
    What a joke because Geno could have put this to rest long ago.
    As for Ik he deserved to be cut period which to me is punishment enough unless he is a repeat offender. Cam Newton just got into fight with a defensive player and nobody is talking about fines. So you only fine training camp fights when someone is hurt? Half the Redskins just got into a brawl. I also don’t think you can make a distinction between on practice field and in the locker room. NFL needs to let each team handle this unless especially if no criminal charges are filed.

    • I mentioned it above, but thanks for the heads up on the ATM issue because it adds more evidence to my suspicions that Geno is probably broke right now because players don’t get paid in the offseason, so things are right. I have a feeling he wasn’t paying IK back because of that, but hadn’t said as much. Also, IK was probably tight on funds as well considering a guy who made almost half a mil last year worrying about $600 like that

      • buk

        Bart Scott also pointed out that players are receiving camp checks so I don’t buy 600$ was really the issue for both players. It was of respect or lackthereof between two players who clearly have character flaws. At the end of the day though is Geno is a QB and has a responsibility to be above it all and earn respect and loyalty of his teammates.
        Forget the media, why aren’t we hearing a ton of Jet players coming out in defense of Geno? It speaks volume what they are saying and what they are not saying including Revis comments that both players are to blame. Rex signing IK and discussing his belief in him as a person after he knocked out another former player in Geno is another red flag. If Rex had a high regard for Geno why sign IK and all the drama that comes along with it.
        Again, i’m tired of this as a Jet fan and I hope the organization comes down hard on the foolishness Sheldon,Geno and whoever else get into.

        • Agreed. Great points

          • eYeDEF

            Another thing to point out is that by all accounts, IK is the kind of guy who has ALWAYS been tight with his money. The man is frugal and smart about saving every penny. This is not a case of him living beyond his means, which is what you’re speculating. I’d agree with your assessment that Geno does probably live pretty large and didn’t have the dough in that circumstance. But IK is just that way, the $600 was a big issue for him from the start. Not because he was running out of money.

  • Mark

    I agree with the previous comments, to disagree with Zack. In addition to their great points, the ‘level of decorum’ view is way too close to black-balling/collusion for my taste.

  • I just said that there’s a certain way I felt about him being able to be re-signed right away by a team within the division just felt weird and wrong. Nothing in this article about the leadership and stuff, but I don’t doubt what you guys are saying.

    In cases like this, I feel like both people in the situation were probably assholes. The fact that Geno didn’t give the guy $600 leads me to believe that he’s living very, very tight in the offseason because the guys don’t get paid real money until the season starts, so considering there’s an ATM in the locker room, I bet he was just stalling because he’s broke right now and doesn’t want to have to let anyone know that. Also, the fact that IK was freaking out probably says something as well in terms of Geno’s behavior, but also the fact that IK might have been thin on cash as well.

    • buk

      The way I was brought up you owe someone money you pay them. When you’re set to make over a million this year you can get a hold of 600$ via agent, credit or whatever we can’t be naïve . So “i don’t got it” is not an excuse. Geno could have had one of his people/reps give IK the money.
      Fact is as long as that money is not paid back and an individual wants it back it opens the door to continuing confrontation. Ryan Clark already confirmed they had a heated argument over this issue days before the actual incident.
      I’m sorry I can’t take Geno seriously when he allowed this nonsense to continue going into such an important season.
      I’m still pissed off

  • jack_sprat2

    For me, this all boils down to whether or not Todd Bowles was lying in order to save Geno face. Did IK, or did IK not, “sucker-punch” Smith? As time goes by, it certainly seems as if Bowles did ‘misstate’ the case, as it were.

    The truth would seem to be that the J-E-T-S’ ‘field leader’–try not to choke on your soup–was determinedly playing the ‘punked’ card. He was stringing the guy along, laughing in his face. in front of the entire team. When he wagged that finger in IK’s face, he motivated that punch. His bad luck that the bigger man landed square on his glass jaw. (It’s not as though the blow was hard enough to knock him out.)

    What seems inarguable to me, though, is just how much the Jets’ fans may have lucked out here. Geno’s behavior in this whole affair has been more egregious than that of Johnny Football. After all, present-day sensitivities aside, Bobby Layne isn’t the only party animal to lead his team to the Promised Land. (As memory serves, the Jets had another, in their brief Glory Days.) On the other hand, Geno, like Cam Newton, has a distressing tendency to behave as though he’s a diva WR. Sorry, but I’ve got neither time nor truck for the notion of T.O. or Ochocinco under center.

  • David O’Shea

    Coaching innovators … Lombadi, Landry, Walsh… Are examples of coaching trees that changed the game… Great article

  • Derek

    When you refuse to pay someone $600, then stick a finger in their face and say “you’re not going to do anything about it”, I have absolutely no problem with you getting knocked out.

    EDIT: And if teams were making decisions purely based on what’s right, both players should be released.