#StayClassyBuffalo: IK Enempkali signed by Buffalo Bills

There is a certain level of unease that I just got from the realization that IK Enemkpali just got signed by Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills as they are, obviously, in the Jets division. It reminds me of the disgusting feeling that I had when LeGarrette Blount threw a temper tantrum in Pittsburgh and then was rewarded with a Super Bowl ring on a Patriots team that he had just left during the 2014 offseason.

The fact that someone like Enemkpali could punch the starting quarterback of one team, break the guys jaw and then be signed by another team in the division just feels wrong.

It’s just my two cents, so don’t take this as some kind of conspiracy theory, but no matter how good Rex Ryan thinks the player is, there’s a level of decorum that an NFL coach and organization should have.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Do you think there is anything that the NFL could or should do about this?

But to paraphrase the greatest news man of our day, Ron Burgundy, you stay classy Buffalo.

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