Feb 10 Salary Cap Space Update


Here is the salary cap space update for the start of the week. These numbers should be relatively current through Thursday’s signings and Friday’s releases. Please note that there are two uncertainties in these numbers. One deals with Matt Cassel of the Vikings as I am not 100% certain that he did void his contract so I have him in there. If he did void the deal the Vikings will gain around $3.3 million in cap space.

The second one is Larry English with the Chargers. According to documents we have English is a UFA and normally in the old CBA earning the automatic contract void was based on playing time that English should have earned as a rookie when he played well over 500 snaps. According to other reports the Chargers are disputing this and saying that English remains under contract. If he is under contract than the Chargers cap is worse by around $1.1 million.

The biggest shifts from last weeks’ numbers include:

The Cardinals picking up around $8 million in cap room following the restructure of Larry Fitzgerald’s contract and the signing of Dave Zastudil

The Falcons picking up $5.5 million in cap room with the release of Asante Samuel and Stephen Nicholas

The Chiefs picking up around $2.5 million in cap space after the release of Dunta Robinson and signing of Thomas Gafford

The Vikings picking up nearly $2 million in cap room with the release of Erin Henderson

The Saints lost about $1 million because I mistakenly included Victor Butler as a voided contract when he could not have reached the requirements for the contract to void

The Seahawks losing around $2.7 million in cap following the signing of their futures players from their Practice Squad to bring the active roster up to 51

The other changes were just due to small signings and one clerical error I had on Josh Morgan’s contract with the Redskins which is now fixed.

This past week a few players had their salaries vest from partially guaranteed to fully guaranteed. Those players include WR Percy Harvin, DE Cliff Avril and S Kam Chancellor of the World Champion Seahawks, CB Sean Smith of the Chiefs, and finally QB Matt Ryan of the Falcons.  There are probably others but those are the ones I had confirmation on.

You continue to work your own salary cap scenarios using our salary cap calculators as the start of free agency approaches.

TeamPlayersAdjusted CapEst. SpendEst. Dead MoneyEst. TotalEst. Cap Space
Oakland Raiders51$128,550,000$58,445,888$9,311,192$67,757,080$60,792,920
Jacksonville Jaguars51$145,945,313$90,898,454$5,600,511$96,498,965$49,446,348
Cleveland Browns51$150,837,568$98,186,394$7,194,157$105,380,551$45,457,017
Indianapolis Colts51$126,907,906$92,210,148$800,734$93,010,882$33,897,024
Miami Dolphins49$144,364,000$106,939,831$4,942,896$111,882,727$32,481,273
Green Bay Packers51$136,120,459$105,095,045$2,677,484$107,772,529$28,347,930
Minnesota Vikings51$127,112,317$100,274,582$1,783,163$102,057,745$25,054,572
Washington Redskins51$126,300,000$94,287,281$7,470,233$101,757,514$24,542,486
Cincinnati Bengals51$134,963,480$110,314,240$984,283$111,298,523$23,664,957
Philadelphia Eagles51$143,469,768$122,035,688$1,348,343$123,384,031$20,085,737
New York Jets51$127,773,437$107,679,921$48,958$107,728,879$20,044,558
Buffalo Bills51$144,101,975$113,064,380$12,070,113$125,134,493$18,967,482
Denver Broncos51$134,231,875$117,495,501$3,992,330$121,487,831$12,744,044
New York Giants51$126,300,000$110,933,676$2,778,141$113,711,817$12,588,183
Atlanta Falcons51$129,429,200$111,064,794$5,922,507$116,987,301$12,441,899
Baltimore Ravens46$127,831,423$111,530,107$4,422,216$115,952,323$11,879,100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers51$133,069,781$122,461,310$139,119$122,600,429$10,469,352
Arizona Cardinals51$132,050,007$112,367,452$10,087,468$122,454,920$9,595,087
Carolina Panthers51$132,312,268$106,171,563$17,840,241$124,011,804$8,300,464
Tennessee Titans51$133,253,561$124,496,884$2,449,725$126,946,609$6,306,952
San Francisco 49ers51$128,475,038$121,006,338$1,934,689$122,941,027$5,534,011
Chicago Bears47$127,046,727$120,515,330$1,476,671$121,992,001$5,054,726
New England Patriots51$130,406,801$118,224,826$8,533,721$126,758,547$3,648,254
Kansas City Chiefs51$128,681,518$121,858,251$3,505,823$125,364,074$3,317,444
Houston Texans51$127,414,730$121,645,595$3,247,174$124,892,769$2,521,961
St. Louis Rams51$126,300,000$125,548,962$133,805$125,682,767$617,233
Seattle Seahawks51$129,145,004$128,781,440$907,367$129,688,807($543,803)
San Diego Chargers51$128,619,341$120,780,528$8,674,983$129,455,511($836,170)
Detroit Lions51$127,774,552$131,561,629$1,537,793$133,099,422($5,324,870)
Pittsburgh Steelers51$127,652,450$135,722,583$4,552,933$140,275,516($12,623,066)
New Orleans Saints51$126,800,000$138,599,410$1,757,600$140,357,010($13,557,010)
Dallas Cowboys51$127,580,693$140,386,197$11,809,439$152,195,636($24,614,943)