Beginning next week, I will be pursuing a salary cap related opportunity within the industry.  As a result, I will no longer be writing or podcasting on Over The Cap or tweeting on Twitter.  I owe many thanks to Jason for providing me with the opportunity to be involved with Over The Cap, and I am also very appreciative of everyone who has reached out with feedback or questions regarding my ideas over the last two years.  Jason has created an amazing tool and a powerful platform, and I am excited to watch from afar as he and others continue to build OTC into a leading online NFL resource.

  • Ghoston

    Good luck. You will be missed. Loved your work.


  • Werner

    Bryce, thanks for your contribution and the Expected Contract Value Theory Build. If latest contracts e.g. V.M. and Wilkerson are any indication, the agent side would dearly need your support.

  • Dan Kunze

    Congratulations and best of luck. Very much enjoyed your work here. Jason is definitely building a “coaching tree” around OTC.

  • McGeorge

    Good luck Bryce. I hope your position works out well, and we read about you someday.
    I enjoyed reading your articles and they will be missed.

    It would be great if at some point you could post about your professional salary cap experience with your new job. Things you learned, didn’t expect, etc.

  • David Kubik

    Congrats! hopefully you can get a nice piece of jewelry in your new position! Best of Luck

  • PetEng

    ECV was a major add to the collective knowledge base on NFL contracts. Great to see you rewarded for your innovation. Best of luck.