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PlayerNominal ValueECV% ExpectedECV/Year
Ndamukong Suh$114,360,000$78,091,83068%$13,015,305
Jared Odrick$42,500,000$28,798,00068%$5,759,600
Dan Williams$25,000,000$19,437,15078%$4,859,287
Stephen Paea$21,000,000$15,142,45072%$3,785612
Kendall Langford$17,200,000$9,289,80054%$2,322,450
Corey Peters$9,000,000$6,687,00074%$2,229,000
Vince Wilfork$9,000,000$5,656,00063%$2,828,000
Tyson Alualu$6,000,000$5,142,50086%$2,571,250
Randy Starks$6,500,000$4,131,00064%$2,065,500
Tom Johnson$7,000,000$3,716,45053%$1,238,817
Darnell Dockett$7,500,000$3,679,50049%$1,839,750
CJ Wilson$4,600,000$3,090,75067%$1,545,375
Vance Walker$4,000,000$3,078,50077%$1,539,250
Cory Redding$6,000,000$3,047,50051%$1,523,750
Chris Canty$4,650,000$2,707,65058%$1,353,825
Alan Branch$4,900,000$2,580,40053%$1,290,200
Dwan Edwards$4,000,000$1,901,25048%$950,625
DL Total:66.9%
Global Total (122 Free Agents):67.5%
Notable One-Year Contracts:
Nick Fairley:   $5,000,000 ($1,500,000 guaranteed)
Terrance Knighton:   $4,450,000 ($2,950,000 guaranteed)
Henry Melton:   $3,750,000 ($3,250,000 guaranteed)
Ahytba Rubin:   $2,600,000 ($1,000,000 guaranteed)
PlayerFirst Likely Cut YearDead Money Remaining
Ndamukong Suh2019 (34%)*$5,100,000**
Jared Odrick2018 (46%)$0
Dan Williams2018 (28%)$0
Stephen Paea2018 (33%)$1,250,000
Kendall Langford2017 (33%)$500,000
Corey Peters2017 (37%)$666,667
Vince Wilfork2016 (16%)$1,500,000
Tyson Alualu
Randy Starks2016 (23%)$625,000
Tom Johnson2016 (44%)$0
Darnell Dockett2016 (11%)$0
CJ Wilson2016 (35%)$0
Vance Walker2016 (46%)$750,000
Cory Redding2016 (12%)$1,000,000
Chris Canty2016 (21%)$765,000
Alan Branch2016 (26%)$350,000
Dwan Edwards2016 (13%)$500,000

*Refers to the likelihood that the player will remain under contract in the given season.  This column displays the first season where the likelihood falls below 50%.

**Refers to the amount of dead money that the team will incur upon releasing the player in the season identified in the second column.

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