Estimated Cap Space for All 32 Teams Feature…

I just wanted to point out what should be the final static link in the menu which is going to be an estimated cap total for each team. Please note that these are all estimates and we are working our way (slowly) through last years transactions to come up with somewhat accurate dead money costs for each team, so if a team has a great deal of dead money it will probably lead to some drastic differences between what is on the site and what you read elsewhere. The totals are all based on a $121.1 million dollar salary cap and then adjusted for each teams reported carryover. The estimates right now have the Bengals with the most cap space at $51.5 million and the Jets with the least at -$22.9 million.

You can directly access the page by clicking on this link or simply using the menu up top. Hopefully everyone will find it useful and a nice complement to everything I have together so far. As always tips on deals is greatly appreciated. Hopefully Ill be able to do some posting tomorrow.