Eagles to Trade for Sam Bradford

The NFL is rapidly becoming a trading league today as the Eagles intend to trade Nick Foles to the Rams in exchange for Sam Bradford. Bradford is a former number 1 overall draft pick, but has been consistently injured during most of his career. Foles was injured last season and has yet to start a full slate of games, though he was the catalyst for an Eagles playoff run in 2013.

The Eagles will take on the final remaining year of Bradford’s contract which is currently valued at $12.985 million. The Eagles could extend him or renegotiate that figure down to be more in line with his more recent production. Considering they just traded for him I would imagine a short term extension is more likely than a pay cut unless Bradford is just looking for a change of scenery and was willing to take a cut to make the deal happen.

The Rams will carry $3.595 million in cap charges for Bradford, but that will represent a savings of $12.985 million. Foles costs next to nothing this year, just $1.542 million. Foles is also in the final year of his contract and could be extended if the Rams view him as their long term solution. Extending Foles now, if they believe strongly in him, will result in a better contract for the Rams if he were to play out his deal and succeed.

The Eagles will now have two highly drafted, but largely considered “bust”, quarterbacks on their roster in Bradford Mark Sanchez. Both are considered somthing of reclamation projects and both have been considered poorly coached throughout much of their careers. Sanchez just signed a $4.5 million contract yesterday with the team with a few million in incentives tied to playing time. Given Bradford’s injury history he may have a better chance at earning them.