Cowboys Create $6.88M in Cap Space

In preparation for the start of the regular season the Dallas Cowboys have restructured the contract of running back Ezekiel Elliott to create $6.88 million in cap room. Elliott had $8.6 million of his salary converted to a signing bonus reducing his cap number from $13.7 million to $6.82 million. Dallas now has approximately $12 million in cap space for 2021 which is more than enough to cover the regular season.

Elliott’s 2022 cap number will now increase by $1.72 million to $18.22 million next year. His dead money increased by $6.88 million but because his salary for 2022 is already guaranteed that was of no concern for Dallas in making this decision. Elliott will now cost $11.86 million to release in 2023 which is the year the salary cap is expected to return to more normal levels.