Cowboys Create $17 Million in Cap Room

Dallas continues to have an active offseason with the restructuring of the contracts of Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, and La’el Collins accoring to Todd Archer of ESPN

These players are basically Dallas’ go to guys for restructures. Smith has had his contract modified five times in eight years while Martin has restructured two times in four years and Collins two times in three years. Offensive linemen are often some of the safest players to do this with which is why Dallas often goes to this position more than others for cap relief.

While we do not have the particulars to update the numbers just yet it does put Dallas about $18 million under the cap once Dak Prescott signs his new contract. This also should give Dallas the cap room needed to carry Prescott’s tag into the new league year so they can hold off on signing the contract until 2021 officially begins.

If Dallas needs more cap room the next logical target is Demarcus Lawrence whose contract is already probably considered prohibitive from release in 2022. Amari Cooper would be the other possibility but if the team wants to keep open a trade window with him for 2022 then restructuring his contract should take a back seat to Lawrence’s contract.