Contract Year Series, Jeremy Maclin


Jeremy Maclin #18 WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Here is the “Dark Side” of NFL Contract Year Series players.  Any time the player gets to his contract year, the risk profile of the relationship explodes.  Sometimes the team holds the majority of the risk, but for the most part if a player is allowed to play out their contract, the risk is squarely on his shoulders.  In Maclin’s case, that weight was squarely on his knees and his right knee unfortunately succumbed too the pressure.

The 2014 WR Free Agent market just got really interesting.  Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt just received a huge boost to potentially expediting extensions, while Emmanual Sanders, James Jones, and Golden Tate will be recipients of the value created by Maclin’s injury.  As for Maclin’s value, we must consider that this is the second time he will be having ACL surgery on his right knee.  Adrian Petersen’s amazing season one year removed from ACL surgery  has jaded the followers of the NFL into thinking that returning from this devastating injury is getting easier.  For a person that has gone through the process, I can tell you that what AP did was the exception and not the rule.

Prior to the injury, I would have placed Maclin in the $7.5-$8 million range on the high end.  I would imagine that with a satisfactory rehab process, at the age of 25, he will still command a premium veteran salary.

Estimated New Contract: 2 years, $7 million

  • Ox

    Always hurts to see a guy like this go down. Played by the rules, no hold out nonsense, just wanted to get through the existing contract and deal with tomorrow when it came.

    • Paul

      Totally agree Ox. Maclin is a pure professional. His attitude will work to his advantage as the market values him.

      • NW86

        Yep. Nobody likes to see a guy holding out, looking for an extension when he’s still under contract for another year. But this is a prime example of why they do it. Every time you step onto the practice field you’re taking a risk, especially when you’re in a contract year.