Contract Triggers Calendar

This page lists out the dates for when certain clauses in contracts will trigger. Teams will need to decide before each date whether or not to exercise the trigger listed. In many cases, the contract must be terminated in order to avoid the clause in question from triggering.

YearDatePlayerTeamTriggerBase SalaryRoster Bonus
2022February 4Jamal AdamsSeahawksSalary and option is guaranteed$2,000,000$0
2022February 10Anthony Walker Jr.BrownsContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Malik JacksonBrownsContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Riley ReiffBengalsContract voids$0$0
2022February 10JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelersContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Tashaun GipsonBearsContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Jakeem GrantBearsContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Matt ParadisPanthersContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Tom BradyBuccaneersBase salary is guaranteed$8,925,000$1,470,588
2022February 10Ndamukong SuhBuccaneersContract voids$0$0
2022February 10Gabe JacksonSeahawksSalary is guaranteed$6,000,000$0
2022February 10Ethan PocicSeahawksContract voids$0$0
2022February 11Case KeenumBrownsPlayer void deadline$5,500,000$1,000,000
2022February 11Jayon BrownTitans2022/2023 contract years void 5 days after Super Bowl$0$0
2022February 11Gerald EverettSeahawks2022 contract year voids 5 days after Super Bowl$0$0
2022February 15Laken Tomlinson49ersContract voids$0$0
2022February 22Keanu NealCowboysContract voids$0$0
2022February 22Kevin KingPackers2022-2025 contract years void$0$0
2022February 23Andy DaltonBearsContract voids$0$0
2022February 23Damien WilliamsBearsContract voids$0$0
2022February 23Germain IfediBearsContract voids$0$0
2022February 24Odell Beckham Jr.RamsContract voids$0$0
2022February 25Mario AddisonBillsContract voids$0$0
2022February 25Joe FlaccoJetsContract voids$0$0
2022February 25Rodney McLeodEaglesContract voids$0$0
2022February 25Haason ReddickPanthersContract voids$0$0
2022February 25Rob GronkowskiBuccaneersContract voids$0$0
2022March 7Derek BarnettEaglesContract voids$0$0
2022March 11Khalil MackBears$5.5 million roster bonus is due$12,050,000$5,500,000
2022March 11Matt RyanFalcons$7.5 million roster bonus is due$16,250,000$7,500,000
2022March 11Aaron DonaldRams$5 million roster bonus is due$9,250,000$5,000,000
2022March 12A.J. GreenCardinalsContract voids$0$0
2022March 16Terron ArmsteadSaintsContract voids$0$0
2022March 17Devin McCourtyPatriots2022-2024 voids on the last day of the 2021 league year.$0$0
2022March 17Xavien HowardDolphinsBase salary becomes guaranteed$12,975,000$727,941
2022March 17Jadeveon ClowneyBrownsContract voids$0$0
2022March 17Tyreek HillChiefsOption exercise date$1,035,000$15,000,000
2022March 17Lane JohnsonEagles$150K is guaranteed$7,000,000$0
2022March 17Anthony HarrisEaglesContract voids$0$0
2022March 17Jameis WinstonSaintsContract Voids$0$0
2022March 18Corey LinsleyChargersBase salary is guaranteed$9,000,000$0
2022March 18James BradberryGiants$2 million is guaranteed$13,400,000$0
2022March 18Josh SweatEagles$9 million of 2023 salary becomes fully guaranteed.$1,035,000$0
2022March 18Cameron ErvingPanthersRoster bonus due$4,010,000$0
2022March 18Malcolm JenkinsSaintsRoster bonus due$6,750,000$500,000
2022March 19Matt HaackBills$1 million is guaranteed; roster bonus due$1,250,000$275,000
2022March 19Lawrence GuyPatriots$1 million guaranteed$2,000,000$0
2022March 19John JohnsonBrownsBase salary is guaranteed$4,000,000$0
2022March 19Nick ChubbBrowns$2.86 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$1,213,059$0
2022March 19Carson WentzColts$1,000 roster bonus due$22,000,001$6,294,118
2022March 19Carson WentzColtsRemaining $7 million of 2022 salary guarantee becomes fully guaranteed$22,000,001$6,294,118
2022March 19C.J. BeathardJaguars$250,000 is guaranteed$1,500,000$0
2022March 19Travis KelceChiefs$2 million base salary injury guarantee becomes fully guaranteed$6,500,000$0
2022March 19Michael DavisChargers$5 million is guaranteed$7,000,000$0
2022March 19Yannick NgakoueRaiders$5 million is guaranteed; roster bonus due$5,000,000$8,000,000
2022March 19Kenyan DrakeRaidersBase salary guaranteed; Roster bonus due$2,500,000$5,500,000
2022March 19Andre JamesRaidersBase salary is guaranteed$1,900,000$1,500,000
2022March 19Kolton MillerRaiders2022 and 2023 salary is guaranteed$3,275,000$13,500,000
2022March 19Denzel PerrymanRaidersRoster bonus due$1,035,000$1,375,000
2022March 19Logan RyanGiantsSalary is guaranteed$9,250,000$0
2022March 19Kenny GolladayGiants$3 million base guarantee; roster bonus due; 2023 roster bonus is guaranteed$13,000,000$4,500,000
2022March 19Darius SlayEagles$2m injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee$16,000,000$0
2022March 19William Jackson IIIWashingtonBase salary is guaranteed; Roster bonus due$5,000,000$5,000,000
2022March 19Cody WhitehairBears$3.5 million is guaranteed$8,000,000$0
2022March 19Angelo BlacksonBears$250,000 roster bonus due$2,250,000$250,000
2022March 19Jeremiah AttaochuBearsRoster bonus due$2,450,000$250,000
2022March 19Jared GoffLions$15.5 million roster bonus due$10,650,000$15,500,000
2022March 19Jared GoffLions$10 million injury guarantee on salary becomes full guarantee$10,650,000$15,500,000
2022March 19Romeo OkwaraLions$5 million is guaranteed$11,000,000$0
2022March 19Frank RagnowLions$9M of 2023 salary is guaranteed$2,751,529$0
2022March 19Aaron JonesPackersRoster bonus due$1,100,000$3,750,000
2022March 19Marcedes LewisPackersRoster bonus due$1,170,000$0
2022March 19Dalvin TomlinsonVikingsBase salary is fully guaranteed$4,900,000$0
2022March 19Brian O'NeillVikingsSalary is guaranteed$4,400,000$0
2022March 19Taysom HillSaints2023 salary is guaranteed$1,100,000$9,000,000
2022March 19Budda BakerCardinalsRemainder of salary is guaranteed$11,000,000$0
2022March 19Jordan HicksCardinalsRoster bonus due$4,250,000$750,000
2022March 19A'Shawn RobinsonRamsRoster bonus due$6,500,000$1,000,000
2022March 19Johnny HekkerRams$250,000 roster bonus due$2,250,000$250,000
2022March 20Dion DawkinsBills$2.99M of salary vests to a full guarantee$8,130,000$500,000
2022March 20Tre'Davious WhiteBills$4,975,000 of 2022 base salary converts from injury guarantee to full guarantee$9,950,000$500,000
2022March 20Tre'Davious WhiteBills$6,350,000 of 2023 base salary converts from injury guarantee to full guarantee$9,950,000$500,000
2022March 20Jason SandersDolphins$2.48 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$2,750,000$0
2022March 20Mark AndrewsRavens2023 salary is guaranteed$3,500,000$0
2022March 20Myles GarrettBrowns$10 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$1,035,000$0
2022March 20Wyatt TellerBrowns2023 salary is guaranteed$1,500,000$0
2022March 20Joel BitonioBrowns2023 salary is guaranteed$3,058,824$0
2022March 20Cameron HeywardSteelers$4,500,000 roster bonus due$6,500,000$4,500,000
2022March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$37.95M 2024 salary is guaranteed$1,500,000$27,400,000
2022March 20Chris JonesChiefs2022 salary is guaranteed; roster bonus due$3,750,000$18,124,000
2022March 20Joe ThuneyChiefs2023 salary is guaranteed$13,900,000$0
2022March 20Bryan BulagaChargers$2.5 million roster bonus due$8,250,000$2,500,000
2022March 20Fletcher CoxEaglesOption is guaranteed; $1 million roster bonus is due; salary is guaranteed$1,120,000$1,000,000
2022March 20Brandon BrooksEagles$9 million injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee for skill/cap/injury$13,400,000$0
2022March 20Jake ElliottEagles$2.25M of base salary is guaranteed$3,750,000$200,000
2022March 20Jordan MailataEagles2023 salary and workout is guaranteed$965,000$0
2022March 20Logan ThomasWashington$2.215 million is guaranteed$3,990,000$0
2022March 20Eddie JacksonBears$11 million injury guarantee (salary) vests to a full guarantee for skill/cap/injury.$11,000,000$0
2022March 20Danny TrevathanBears$500,000 3rd day of league year roster bonus due$2,500,000$500,000
2022March 20Nick FolesBears$4 million roster bonus due$4,000,000$4,000,000
2022March 20Cairo SantosBears$1 million injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee$2,675,000$0
2022March 20Trey FlowersLions3rd day of league year roster bonus due$16,000,000$1,625,000
2022March 20Kenny ClarkPackersRoster bonus due$8,000,000$6,400,000
2022March 20David BakhtiariPackers$9.5 million roster bonus due$3,200,000$9,500,000
2022March 20Preston SmithPackersRoster bonus due$8,350,000$3,000,000
2022March 20Michael PierceVikingsBase salary guaranteed$7,900,000$0
2022March 20Dalvin CookVikingsBase salary is guaranteed$8,300,000$0
2022March 20Harrison SmithVikingsBase salary and roster bonus guaranteed$2,950,000$8,000,000
2022March 20Morgan FoxPanthers$2 million roster bonus due$1,750,000$2,000,000
2022March 20Michael ThomasSaintsSalary becomes fully guaranteed$15,350,000$250,000
2022March 20Marshon LattimoreSaints$12M of 2023 salary is guaranteed$9,102,588$15,000,000
2022March 20Ryan RamczykSaints2023 salary is fully guaranteed$10,500,000$8,500,000
2022March 20Donovan SmithBuccaneers$1.25 million is guaranteed$15,750,000$838,235
2022March 20J.J. WattCardinals$3 million injury guarantee vests to full guarantee; Roster bonus due$11,250,000$2,250,000
2022March 20Andrew WhitworthRamsRoster bonus due$7,500,000$5,500,000
2022March 21Dion DawkinsBillsRoster bonus due$8,130,000$500,000
2022March 21Tre'Davious WhiteBills$500,000 roster bonus due$9,950,000$500,000
2022March 21Daryl WilliamsBills$4.35 million is guaranteed$6,725,000$0
2022March 21Micah HydeBillsRoster bonus due; $3.7 million of salary is guaranteed$4,300,000$2,500,000
2022March 21Josh AllenBills$10M of 2024 base salary is guaranteed$4,100,000$0
2022March 21Zach SielerDolphins$500,000 is guaranteed$2,050,000$0
2022March 21John Franklin-MyersJets$6 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$1,500,000$10,000,000
2022March 21Case KeenumBrowns$1M roster bonus due$5,500,000$1,000,000
2022March 21Trey HendricksonBengalsRoster bonus due$5,800,000$6,000,000
2022March 21Sam HubbardBengalsRoster bonus due$2,833,000$2,000,000
2022March 21Joe HaegSteelersRoster bonus due$2,100,000$500,000
2022March 21Grover StewartColts$5,587,176 of 2022 injury protected salary converts to a full guarantee$7,035,000$2,000,000
2022March 21Grover StewartColts$2 million roster bonus due$7,035,000$2,000,000
2022March 21Braden SmithColts2023 salary vests to full guarantee; roster bonus due$5,567,000$3,000,000
2022March 21Darius LeonardColts$12M of 2023 salary is fully guaranteed$6,916,000$0
2022March 21Kendall LammTitansRoster bonus due$2,300,000$500,000
2022March 21Bud DupreeTitans$1.25 million is guaranteed$16,000,000$0
2022March 21Justin SimmonsBroncos$2.9 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$15,100,000$0
2022March 21Tim PatrickBroncos$5.5 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$1,535,000$6,965,000
2022March 21Courtland SuttonBroncos2023 salary is guaranteed$1,500,000$10,500,000
2022March 21Keenan AllenChargers$1.5M 0f 2023 salary is guaranteed$16,500,000$0
2022March 21Dak PrescottCowboys2023 base salary is guaranteed$20,000,000$0
2022March 21Jourdan LewisCowboysSalary is guaranteed$3,000,000$0
2022March 21Curtis SamuelWashingtonRoster bonus due$8,500,000$1,500,000
2022March 21Deion JonesFalconsRoster bonus due$9,640,000$4,567,059
2022March 21Pat ElfleinPanthersRoster bonus due$4,900,000$1,000,000
2022March 21David OnyemataSaintsRoster bonus due$7,500,000$1,000,000
2022March 21Tanoh KpassagnonSaintsRoster bonus due$2,500,000$500,000
2022March 21Lavonte DavidBuccaneers$2.5 million is guaranteed$12,500,000$0
2022March 21Rakeem Nunez-RochesBuccaneersRoster bonus due$2,250,000$500,000
2022March 21Ryan SuccopBuccaneers$1.25 million is guaranteed$3,250,000$0
2022March 21Rodney HudsonCardinals$5 million is guranteed$10,850,000$0
2022March 21Matt PraterCardinalsInj. guarantee vests$3,575,000$0
2022March 21Justin PughCardinalsRoster bonus due$8,025,000$1,000,000
2022March 21Robert WoodsRamsSalary is guaranteed$10,000,000$3,500,000
2022March 21Russell WilsonSeahawks$5 million roster bonus due on 5th day league year$19,000,000$5,000,000
2022March 22Cole BeasleyBills$500,000 roster bonus due$4,900,000$500,000
2022March 22Jordan PoyerBills$500,000 roster bonus due$5,600,000$500,000
2022March 22A.J. KleinBills$700,000 roster bonus due$4,200,000$700,000
2022March 22Mitch MorseBills5th day of league year roster bonus due$6,900,000$1,000,000
2022March 22Jon FelicianoBills$500,000 roster bonus due$3,100,000$500,000
2022March 22Taron JohnsonBills$4.5 million option bonus due$1,290,000$0
2022March 22Byron JonesDolphins$8.375 million skill/cap guarantee$14,375,000$0
2022March 22Sheldon RankinsJets$1.25m million of base salary becomes fully guaranteed$4,500,000$0
2022March 22Marlon HumphreyRavens$5 million of 2022 salary is fully guaranteed, $7.35 million for 2023 vests to a full guarantee$10,000,000$0
2022March 22Ronnie StanleyRavens$6.75M of 2023 salary is guaranteed$9,500,000$0
2022March 22Derek WolfeRavens$2 million injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee$2,000,000$0
2022March 22Alejandro VillanuevaRavens$2 million roster bonus due$4,000,000$2,000,000
2022March 22Ja'Wuan JamesRavens$500,000 roster bonus due$2,500,000$500,000
2022March 22Zach CunninghamTexans$10 million injury guarantee vests into a full guarantee for skill, cap, injury$10,000,000$0
2022March 22Deshaun WatsonTexans2023 $20 million salary and $17 million roster bonus vest to a full guarantee$35,000,000$0
2022March 22Jack DoyleColts$250,000 roster bonus due$4,700,000$250,000
2022March 22Austin EkelerChargers$1.25 million becomes guaranteed$5,000,000$0
2022March 22Joey BosaChargers$24 million 2023 salary is fully guaranteed$21,250,000$0
2022March 22Matt FeilerChargers$1.5 million remaining injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee.$5,500,000$0
2022March 22Riley DixonGiants$250,000 roster bonus due$2,500,000$250,000
2022March 22La'el CollinsCowboys$6.483 million injury guarantee vests into a full guarantee for skill/cap/injury.(voided)$10,000,000$0
2022March 22Amari CooperCowboys$20 million salary injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee.$20,000,000$0
2022March 22Wil LutzSaintsRoster bonus due$3,400,000$200,000
2022March 22Cameron JordanSaints$300,000 roster bonus due$13,600,000$300,000
2022March 22Michael ThomasSaintsRoster bonus due$15,350,000$250,000
2022March 22James HurstSaints$500,000 roster bonus due$1,825,000$500,000
2022March 22James HurstSaints$425,000 injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee$1,825,000$500,000
2022March 22Mark IngramSaints$300,000 roster bonus due$1,500,000$300,000
2022March 22DeAndre HopkinsCardinalsRoster bonus due$6,650,000$10,650,000
2022March 22Kelvin BeachumCardinals$750K of base salary vests to full guarantee$1,925,000$0
2022March 22Jalen RamseyRamsRemainder of 2022 salary is guaranteed$15,000,000$0
2022March 22Jalen RamseyRams$5 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$15,000,000$0
2022March 22Cooper KuppRamsRemaining $7.0 million of 2022 salary becomes guaranteed$14,500,000$0
2022March 22Matt StaffordRams$10 million roster bonus due$12,500,000$10,000,000
2022March 22Johnny HekkerRams$2.25 million salary vests to a full guarantee.$2,250,000$250,000
2022March 22Carlos DunlapSeahawks$150,000 roster bonus due$4,075,000$175,000
2022March 31John JohnsonBrownsOption date$4,000,000$0
2022April 1Arik Armstead49ers$5.85M of salary becomes guaranteed$14,150,000$0
2022April 1George Kittle49ers$4.9 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$11,450,000$0
2022April 1Kyle Juszczyk49ers$2.155 million option bonus due$1,120,000$0
2022April 1Emmanuel Moseley49ers$4.4 million injury/skill guarantee vests to a full guarantee$4,400,000$0
2022April 1Trent Williams49ers$5.05 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$7,250,000$0
2022April 1Alex Mack49ers$500,000 is guaranteed$5,000,000$0
2022April 6Kareem HuntBrowns$1M roster bonus due$1,350,000$1,500,000
2022July 28Nick Bosa49ers$4,305,225 roster bonus due 3rd day of training camp$895,000$4,305,225
2022July 30Quinnen WilliamsJets$5,419,431 roster bonus due 5th day of training camp$965,000$4,165,824
2022August 1Tua TagovailoaDolphinsTraining camp roster bonus due$895,000$2,467,312
2022August 1Tyreek HillChiefs$3 million reporting bonus due$1,035,000$15,000,000
2022August 1Tyreek HillChiefs$3M reporting bonus due$1,035,000$15,000,000
2022August 1Fletcher CoxEaglesOption window opens$1,120,000$1,000,000
2022August 1Jeff OkudahLionsTraining camp bonus due$895,000$2,763,048
2022August 1Derrick BrownPanthersTraining camp roster bonus due$1,257,400$1,500,000
2022August 1Isaiah SimmonsCardinalsRoster bonus due$895,000$1,593,550
2022August 2Justin FieldsBears2nd day of training camp bonus due (no offset)$825,000$692,816
2022August 3Kyler MurrayCardinalsTraining camp bonus due$965,000$4,524,360
2022August 5Jaylen WaddleDolphinsGuaranteed roster bonus due$825,000$1,066,182
2022August 5Joe BurrowBengalsTraining camp roster bonus due$895,000$3,005,012
2022August 5Justin HerbertChargersTraining camp bonus due$895,000$2,131,250
2022August 5Daniel JonesGiants5th day of training camp roster bonus due$965,000$0
2022August 5Andrew ThomasGiantsTraining camp bonus due$895,000$2,655,508
2022August 5Chase YoungWashingtonTraining camp roster bonus due$895,000$2,857,146
2022August 5Devin WhiteBuccaneers5th day of training camp bonus due$965,000$3,727,611
2022August 5Andrew WhitworthRams$3M Reporting Bonus due$7,500,000$5,500,000
2023February 4Jamal AdamsSeahawks$2.56 million salary is guaranteed$11,000,000$0
2023February 8Troy HillBrowns2023/2024 contract years void on the 5th day of LY waiver period$0$0
2023February 10Jack ConklinBrowns5th day waiver period 2023-2024 contract years void$0$0
2023February 10Cameron SuttonSteelersContract voids$0$0
2023February 10David OnyemataSaintsContract voids$0$0
2023February 10Devon KennardCardinalsContract voids$0$0
2023February 10Jimmie Ward49ersContract voids$0$0
2023February 10Chris CarsonSeahawksContract voids$0$0
2023February 10Benson MayowaSeahawksContract voids$0$0
2023February 10Kerry HyderSeahawksContract voids$0$0
2023February 13Javon HargraveEaglesContract voids$0$0
2023February 13Danny TrevathanBearsContract voids$0$0
2023February 15Jordan PhillipsCardinalsContract voids$0$0
2023February 18Matt StaffordRamsContract Voids$0$0
2023February 20Nick KwiatkoskiRaidersContract voids$0$0
2023February 22Marcedes LewisPackersContract voids$0$0
2023February 22A'Shawn RobinsonRamsContract voids$0$0
2023February 22Carlos DunlapSeahawks2023-2025 contract years void 5 days after Super Bowl$0$0
2023February 23Jeremiah AttaochuBearsContract voids$0$0
2023February 23Angelo BlacksonBearsContract voids$0$0
2023February 23Dalvin TomlinsonVikingsContract voids$0$0
2023February 25Randall CobbPackersContract voids$0$0
2023March 2Brandin CooksTexans2023/2024 Contract Years Void$0$0
2023March 7Tanoh KpassagnonSaintsContract voids$0$0
2023March 10Khalil MackBears$5.5 million roster bonus is due$17,200,000$5,500,000
2023March 10Aaron RodgersPackersContract voids$0$0
2023March 10Matt RyanFalcons$7.5 million roster bonus is due$20,500,000$7,500,000
2023March 10Aaron DonaldRams$5 million roster bonus is due$14,000,000$5,000,000
2023March 15Garett BollesBroncos$2 million of base salary becomes fully guaranteed$13,750,000$0
2023March 16J.J. WattCardinalsContract voids$0$0
2023March 17Star LotuleleiBills$1 million roster bonus due$4,600,000$1,000,000
2023March 17Lane JohnsonEagles$12.25 million becomes fully guaranteed, $1.25M of 2024 salary is guaranteed$14,155,000$0
2023March 17Tom BradyBuccaneersContract voids$0$0
2023March 18Josh SweatEagles$3 million remainder of 2023 salary becomes fully guaranteed$1,080,000$0
2023March 18Malcolm JenkinsSaintsRoster bonus due$7,000,000$500,000
2023March 19Matt HaackBillsRoster bonus due$1,350,000$275,000
2023March 19Matt JudonPatriots$2 million is guaranteed$11,000,000$0
2023March 19John JohnsonBrownsRoster bonus due$8,750,000$1,000,000
2023March 19Carson WentzColts$4 million of base salary becomes guaranteed$20,000,000$6,176,471
2023March 19Carson WentzColts$5 million roster bonus due$20,000,000$6,176,471
2023March 19Shaquill GriffinJaguarsRoster bonus due$11,500,000$1,000,000
2023March 19Michael DavisChargersRoster bonus due$6,000,000$1,000,000
2023March 19Kenny GolladayGiantsRoster bonus due (guaranteed)$13,250,000$4,500,000
2023March 19Fletcher CoxEaglesSalary is guaranteed and $50M future guarantee is earned$1,500,000$0
2023March 19William Jackson IIIWashingtonRoster bonus due$9,250,000$2,500,000
2023March 19Jared GoffLions$5 million roster bonus due$20,650,000$5,000,000
2023March 19Frank RagnowLions2023 salary is guaranteed; $2.49M is guaranteed$11,550,000$0
2023March 19Aaron JonesPackersRoster bonus due$8,100,000$7,000,000
2023March 19Brian O'NeillVikingsSalary is guaranteed$14,400,000$0
2023March 19Johnny HekkerRams$500,000 roster bonus due$2,250,000$500,000
2023March 20Tre'Davious WhiteBills$2 million of 2023 base salary converts from injury guarantee to full guarantee$8,600,000$1,000,000
2023March 20Myles GarrettBrowns$7.25 million salary is guaranteed$17,250,000$0
2023March 20Joel BitonioBrownsRoster bonus due$11,000,000$0
2023March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$38.9M 2025 roster bonus is guaranteed$5,500,000$34,400,000
2023March 20Adoree' JacksonGiants$2 million is guaranteed$11,000,000$0
2023March 20Jonathan AllenWashington$2.5 million is guaranteed$14,000,000$0
2023March 20Eddie GoldmanBears$750,000 roster bonus is due$8,340,000$750,000
2023March 20Trey FlowersLions3rd day of league year roster bonus due$16,000,000$2,000,000
2023March 20Kenny ClarkPackersRoster bonus due$13,000,000$2,000,000
2023March 20David BakhtiariPackers$9.5 million roster bonus due$6,700,000$9,500,000
2023March 20Michael PierceVikings$1.1 million of base salary guaranteed$8,900,000$0
2023March 20Dalvin CookVikings$2M is guarnanteed$10,400,000$0
2023March 20Harrison SmithVikings$1.25 million is guaranteed$14,700,000$0
2023March 20Marshon LattimoreSaints$12M of 2024 salary is guaranteed$14,500,000$0
2023March 21Dion DawkinsBillsRoster bonus due$8,855,000$500,000
2023March 21Tre'Davious WhiteBills$1,000,000 roster bonus due$8,600,000$1,000,000
2023March 21Matt MilanoBills$3.5 million of base salary is guaranteed$9,250,000$0
2023March 21Daryl WilliamsBillsRoster bonus due$5,475,000$1,250,000
2023March 21Micah HydeBillsRoster bonus due$5,300,000$1,500,000
2023March 21Josh AllenBills$13.5M of 2024 base salary is guaranteed; $16.5M of 2025 roster bonus is guaranteed$27,500,000$0
2023March 21Jerome BakerDolphinsSalary is guaranteed$8,410,000$0
2023March 21John Franklin-MyersJets$5.4 million of 2023 salary , $500,000 roster bonus, and $100,000 weight bonus is guaranteed; $1.125 million of 2024 salary is guaranteed$11,400,000$0
2023March 21Trey HendricksonBengalsRoster bonus due$9,800,000$3,000,000
2023March 21Darius LeonardColts$1M is fully guaranteed$15,700,000$0
2023March 21Shaquill GriffinJaguars$4.5 million is guaranteed; roster bonus due$11,500,000$1,000,000
2023March 21Keenan AllenChargersRoster bonus due$15,500,000$3,500,000
2023March 21Pat ElfleinPanthersRoster bonus due$3,000,000$1,000,000
2023March 21Rodney HudsonCardinalsRoster bonus due$8,250,000$1,000,000
2023March 21Russell WilsonSeahawks$5 million roster bonus due on 5th day league year$22,000,000$5,000,000
2023March 22Jon FelicianoBills$1,000,000 roster bonus due$3,000,000$1,000,000
2023March 22Taron JohnsonBills$3.245 million injury guarantee vests to a full guarantee$5,505,000$500,000
2023March 22Taron JohnsonBills$500,000 roster bonus due$5,505,000$500,000
2023March 22Shaq LawsonJets2023/2024 years void 15 days prior to 2023 league year$0$0
2023March 22Marlon HumphreyRavens$3.15 million of salary is guaranteed$10,500,000$0
2023March 22Derek WolfeRavens$500,000 roster bonus due$3,000,000$500,000
2023March 22Deshaun WatsonTexans$17 million roster bonus due$20,000,000$17,000,000
2023March 22Kenny MooreColts$500,000 roster bonus due.$6,795,000$500,000
2023March 22DeForest BucknerColtsRoster bonus due$18,750,000$1,000,000
2023March 22Ryan KellyColtsRoster bonus due$9,125,000$1,000,000
2023March 22Wil LutzSaintsRoster bonus due$3,400,000$250,000
2023March 22Cameron JordanSaints$500,000 roster bonus due$13,900,000$500,000
2023March 22Michael ThomasSaintsRoster bonus due$15,500,000$250,000
2023March 22James HurstSaints$400,0000 roster bonus due$2,000,000$400,000
2023March 22Jalen RamseyRams$7.5 million of 2023 salary is guaranteed$17,000,000$0
2023March 22Leonard FloydRams$2 million roster bonus due$13,500,000$2,000,000
2023April 1Trent Williams49ersDeadline to opt into 2024 to 2026 seasons; $10M guaranteed in 2023 if exercised$19,400,000$0
2023August 1Tua TagovailoaDolphinsTraining camp roster bonus due$1,010,000$3,728,468
2023August 1Jeff OkudahLionsTraining camp bonus due$1,010,000$4,172,072
2023August 1Derrick BrownPanthersTraining camp roster bonus due$2,331,100$1,500,000
2023August 1Isaiah SimmonsCardinalsRoster bonus due$1,010,000$2,417,825
2023August 2Justin FieldsBears2nd day of training camp bonus due (no offset)$1,187,816$1,187,816
2023August 3Brandon BrooksEagles$2 million roster bonus due the 2nd day of training camp$11,600,000$2,000,000
2023August 5Jaylen WaddleDolphinsGuaranteed roster bonus due$940,000$2,182,364
2023August 5Joe BurrowBengalsTraining camp roster bonus due$1,010,000$4,535,018
2023August 5Justin HerbertChargersTraining camp bonus due$1,010,000$3,224,375
2023August 5Andrew ThomasGiantsTraining camp bonus due$1,010,000$4,010,762
2023August 5Chase YoungWashingtonTraining camp roster bonus due$1,010,000$4,313,219
2024February 10Austin HooperBrowns2024 contract year voids on the 5th day of the 2024 waiver period$0$0
2024February 10John JohnsonBrownsContract voids$0$0
2024February 10Curtis SamuelWashingtonContract voids$0$0
2024February 10Romeo OkwaraLionsContract voids$0$0
2024February 11Rodney HudsonCardinalsContract voids$0$0
2024February 17Cairo SantosBears2024-2025 contract years void$0$0
2024February 25Mario Edwards Jr.BearsContract voids$0$0
2024February 25Donovan SmithBuccaneersContract voids$0$0
2024March 12Cameron JordanSaints2024 contract year voids$0$0
2024March 15Khalil MackBears$5.5 million roster bonus is due$17,550,000$5,500,000
2024March 15Aaron DonaldRams$5 million roster bonus is due$16,750,000$5,000,000
2024March 16Demario DavisSaintsContract voids$0$0
2024March 19Kenny GolladayGiantsRoster bonus due$14,250,000$3,500,000
2024March 19Jared GoffLions$5 million roster bonus due$21,650,064$5,000,000
2024March 19Brian O'NeillVikings$12 million is guaranteed$14,400,000$0
2024March 19Taysom HillSaints$1.5 million is guaranteed$10,000,000$0
2024March 20Mark AndrewsRavensRoster bonus due$7,000,000$4,000,000
2024March 20Myles GarrettBrowns2024 salary is guaranteed$20,203,875$0
2024March 20Wyatt TellerBrowns$2 million roster bonus due$11,000,000$2,000,000
2024March 20Joel BitonioBrownsRoster bonus due$13,000,000$3,000,000
2024March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs2025 base salary and workout is guaranteed$2,500,000$34,900,000
2024March 20Joe ThuneyChiefs$2 million base guaranteed$15,500,000$0
2024March 20Joey BosaChargersRoster bonus due$15,000,000$7,000,000
2024March 20Jordan MailataEagles$7M of salary is guaranteed$14,500,000$0
2024March 20Logan ThomasWashington$500,000 roster bonus due$5,340,000$500,000
2024March 20Ryan RamczykSaints$6.5 million is guaranteed$17,000,000$0
2024March 21Dion DawkinsBillsRoster bonus due$9,300,000$500,000
2024March 21Tre'Davious WhiteBills$1,500,000 roster bonus due$8,350,000$1,500,000
2024March 21Josh AllenBills$14M of 2025 base salary is guaranteed; $8.5M of 2025 Roster bonus is guaranteed$23,500,000$6,000,000
2024March 21John Franklin-MyersJets$2.059 million of salary is guaranteed$13,300,000$0
2024March 21Braden SmithColtsRoster bonus due$11,683,000$2,000,000
2024March 21Darius LeonardColts$6.5M is fully guaranteed; Roster bonus due$13,614,000$2,000,000
2024March 21Courtland SuttonBroncos$2 million is guaranteed$13,000,000$0
2024March 21Keenan AllenChargersRoster bonus due$18,100,000$5,000,000
2024March 21Dak PrescottCowboysRoster bonus due$29,000,000$5,000,000
2024March 21Robert WoodsRamsRoster bonus due$13,750,000$2,000,000
2024March 22Taron JohnsonBills$500,000 roster bonus due$6,452,333$500,000
2024March 22Byron JonesDolphins$1 million roster bonus due$12,425,000$1,000,000
2024March 22Marlon HumphreyRavens$6.5 million injury guarantee for 2024 vests to a full guarantee for skill, cap, injury$11,750,000$0
2024March 22Ronnie StanleyRavensRoster bonus due$11,000,000$4,000,000
2024March 22Ryan KellyColtsRoster bonus due$11,375,000$1,000,000
2024March 22Taylor DeckerLionsroster bonus due$12,950,000$500,000
2024March 22Michael ThomasSaintsRoster bonus due$18,500,000$250,000
2024March 22Jalen RamseyRamsRoster Bonus due$14,500,000$4,000,000
2024March 22Leonard FloydRams$2.5 million roster bonus due$13,500,000$2,500,000
2024August 1Lane JohnsonEaglesRoster bonus due$13,400,000$1,250,000
2024August 2Justin FieldsBears2nd day of training camp bonus due (no offset)$1,616,724$1,616,724
2024August 3Brandon BrooksEagles$2 million roster bonus due the 2nd day of training camp$13,400,000$2,000,000
2024August 5Jaylen WaddleDolphinsGuaranteed roster bonus due$1,055,000$8,618,272
2025February 1Fred Warner49ersDeadline to exercise $3.6M buyback bonus 3-5 days after SF final 2024 game, rescinds void years in 2025 and 2026, paid 10 days after 2024 SB$17,650,000$0
2025February 8Taylor DeckerLionsContract voids$0$0
2025February 10Kenny GolladayGiantsContract voids$0$0
2025February 13Arik Armstead49ersContract voids on 5th day of waiver period$0$0
2025February 23Josh SweatEaglesContract voids$0$0
2025February 25Shaquil BarrettBuccaneersContract voids$0$0
2025March 17Dak PrescottCowboysContract voids$0$0
2025March 19Corey LinsleyChargersRoster bonus due$12,000,000$2,500,000
2025March 20Mark AndrewsRavensRoster bonus due$7,000,000$4,000,000
2025March 20Myles GarrettBrowns$5 million roster bonus due$14,796,125$5,000,000
2025March 20Wyatt TellerBrowns$1 million roster bonus due$12,800,000$1,000,000
2025March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$38.9 million 2026 roster bonus is guaranteed$2,500,000$38,900,000
2025March 20Joe ThuneyChiefs$2 million base guaranteed$15,500,000$0
2025March 20Joey BosaChargersRoster bonus due$17,000,000$8,360,000
2025March 20Marshon LattimoreSaintsRoster bonus due$16,000,000$2,000,000
2025March 21Tre'Davious WhiteBills$1,500,000 roster bonus due$10,485,093$1,500,000
2025March 21Josh AllenBills$15M 2026 roster bonus guaranteed$14,000,000$25,000,000
2025March 21Braden SmithColtsRoster bonus due$14,750,000$2,000,000
2025March 21Darius LeonardColtsRoster bonus due$14,840,000$4,200,000
2025March 21Robert WoodsRamsRoster bonus due$15,500,000$2,000,000
2025March 22Marlon HumphreyRavens$4 million roster bonus due$14,000,000$4,000,000
2025March 22Ronnie StanleyRavensRoster bonus due$16,000,000$4,000,000
2025March 22Jalen RamseyRamsRoster Bonus due$15,500,000$4,000,000
2025August 1Lane JohnsonEaglesRoster bonus due$16,500,000$1,250,000
2026February 8Lane JohnsonEaglesRemaining contract voids$0$0
2026February 15Joel BitonioBrownsContract voids$0$0
2026February 24Jordan MailataEaglesContract voids$0$0
2026March 20Jason SandersDolphinsRoster bonus due$3,750,000$500,000
2026March 20Myles GarrettBrowns$5 million roster bonus due$20,000,000$5,000,000
2026March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$49.4 million 2027 roster bonus is guaranteed and remaining 2026 salary is guaranteed$2,500,000$38,900,000
2026March 20Marshon LattimoreSaintsRoster bonus due$16,500,000$2,000,000
2026March 21Josh AllenBills$22.5 million base salary is guaranteed; $14 million of 2027 salary is guaranteed; $25 million 2027 roster bonus guaranteed$22,500,000$15,000,000
2026March 21Frank RagnowLionsroster bonus due$11,900,000$750,000
2026March 22Marlon HumphreyRavens$4 million roster bonus due$15,250,000$4,000,000
2027March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$44.45 million 2028 salary is guaranteed and 2027 base salary and workout guaranteed$10,000,000$49,400,000
2028March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$44.95 million 2029 salary is guaranteed$13,000,000$30,900,000
2028March 21Josh AllenBills$15.5 million salary is guaranteed; Roster bonus due$15,554,595$25,000,000
2029March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$49.9 million 2030 salary is guaranteed$20,500,000$23,900,000
2030March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$13.9 million 2031 roster bonus is guaranteed$27,000,000$22,900,000
2031March 20Patrick MahomesChiefs$38.55 million becomes guaranteed$38,000,000$13,900,000