Colts Cut Arthur Jones

The Colts announced that they are releasing defensive tackle Arthur Jones who played in all of 17 games across three years after signing a big $33 million contract in 2014. Jones was one of many questionable signings made during that period by Indianapolis and arguably the worst. Jones had a relationship with head coach Chuck Pagano and there was a thought that he would far exceed his level of play in Baltimore when he switched to Indianapolis and that never materialized.

Jones spent the entire 2015 season on IR and then renegotiated his contract down in 2016 to remain on the team. He was due to earn $6.25 million and count for $7.35 million on the cap. His release will free up $5.15 million in cap room for the Colts. The Colts will still carry a dead money charge of $2.2 million.

Jones is talented enough to likely continue his career but hes probably looking at a one year contract for a third of what he was set to make this year and it would not be stunning if he ended up playing for the minimum.