NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 9
Veteran Free Agency

Section 6(c)
Notices, Etc.


Subject to Article 17, Section 1, the NFL shall have the right to prepare and circulate to all Clubs two lists containing, respectively, no more than the name, address, Social Security number, telephone number, college, position, Team, Right of First Refusal and/or any Draft Choice Compensation of each and every player who shall or has become (i) an Unrestricted Free Agent; (ii) a Restricted Free Agent, as of the end of the League Year, or as of the first date of the Signing Period, respectively, and no other list relating to Free Agents (“Free Agent Lists”). The NFL shall also have the right to prepare lists with the same information identifying players who are subject to a Franchise or Transition Tender, or who were eligible for but did not receive a Restricted Free Agent of Exclusive Rights Player Qualifying Offer. Information shall not be selectively withheld for some players but not others. If one or more Free Agent Lists are so circulated, copies thereof shall be sent to the NFLPA.